Wish upon a star …. part two

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a little fox.  Now this little fox had one special dream that he held tight to his heart and did nothing about while he waited and waited and waited  for it to come true.  But one day he met a very wise old owl who told him that it’s no good just waiting and hoping for your dreams – you have to make them happen.  

So one starry, snowy night, the little fox chose a very bright and shiny star.  Then he sat for a long time on a nice fat comfy toadstool and gazed at this star very hard indeed while he wished for some help to make his dream come true …..

Wish upon a Star: Mr Fox

And the very next day he saw an advert for embroidery classes.  He instantly enrolled and carefully practised his stitches every day. Now his dream really has come true ….. 

Wish upon a star: Mr Fox

 He can embroider beautifully!  

A very silly story!!  But my fox is all finished and ready for the December Bustle & Sew Magazine.  And in the magazine, as well as the pattern for Mr Fox, I am including a link to a new video tutorial that will show readers how to stitch him – especially the shading of his fur.  The second picture of my fox is another lovely illustration from Flapdoodledesigns that’s destined to feature on the cover of a new collection of Bustle & Sew patterns – the Woodland Collection that’s coming very soon.  


Thanks Hannah, and fur’s so easy really, watch out for my new tute if you’re a magazine reader x


I think the story is cute and not silly!! That could of been me sitting on that toadstool a long long long time ago!! And it was my Grandma Mable who was my teacher!!

Love the Little Fox and can wait for the Tute!!



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