Issue 131 December 2021



I can hardly believe this magazine brings the end of another year – and what a year 2021 has been! With any luck though, this Christmas will be a time for family and friends to gather together, in a way that we weren’t able to in 2020 and celebrate the joys of this very special time with our loved ones once more.

This edition is unashamedly Christmassy, including trees, reindeer, doves, candles and much more
besides, as well as some delicious seasonal cooking (including some ideas for using up the inevitable
leftovers) and much more besides.

The Bustle & Sew Magazine is the work of just one woman, Helen Grimes, the founder of and creative force behind the Bustle & Sew bunny. So if you’re expecting a glossy high-street, high-budget publication, stuffed with adverts and promotions, then this probably isn’t the magazine for you. But if you’re looking for quirky, unusual and fun sewing projects, all with Helen’s unique style, and enjoy filling your home with beautiful ideas, then you’re sure to love the Bustle & Sew Magazine.

Don’t forget, you are free to sell items you personally have made from Bustle & Sew patterns. All the templates are included at full size, so there’s no awkward re-sizing – no fiddling around with photocopiers or hanging around at printing shops – you can start creating straight away! I don’t mind if you personally want to make items to sell from my patterns, but you are not licensed to go into mass production.

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