Blue Monday?

According to the UK media, today is “blue Monday” when we are all supposed to feel miserable – Christmas is over, spring and summer are so far away and all December’s bills are arriving on the doormat.  Well, I disagree.  I don’t feel miserable at all today, for three very good reasons indeed ….
Firstly, my cold has disappeared and I feel well again.  No more sneezing or snuffling, though that nasty tickly cough still makes an appearance from time to time.  Thank you so much once more to everyone who sent me lovely get-well wishes – this time they worked!
Secondly …  Blue Monday is good because I have finished my set of 12 Rosie & Bear calendar blocks!! Yes, every month of the year is now represented: there’s snowballing in January, lambs in March, blossoms in May and rain in November. I will be offering the complete set of 12 together with the pattern for creating the Rosie & Bear Calendar Quilt (extra-easy patchwork of course) very soon indeed. (for those who have been collecting the blocks over the last 12 months, don’t worry – February and March will be included in this month’s magazine, after which I’ll be listing the remaining blocks individually).

I’m just finishing putting the top together, then tomorrow a lovely lady called Ani Catt will be taking the top for long arm quilting at her studio in East Prawle.  If you’d like to pre-register your interest in the Rosie & Bear Calendar Quilt Pattern which will of course include the designs for all 12 blocks, then please CLICK HERE  (no obligation to purchase) and I’ll let you know when it’s released. 

And thirdly …. because now I’m feeling better we managed a proper walk, taking in the beach en route.  So perhaps Blue Monday isn’t so bad after all … let’s ask Ben ….

What do you think of Blue Monday Ben?  

Blue is good any day Mum!!


Think Ben is certainly enjoying himself.
The Rosie and Bears are great, are you going to incorporate them in your quilt? I incorporated cross stitch in one of my quilts!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Little Susie Home Maker

Glad you are so positive!
I love your Rosie and Bears.
Ben looks very pleased!


Glad you're feeling better. How could anyone be blue today? The weather was glorious, cold but sunny and Ruby (our dog) spent most of the day outside helping DH with the gardening. And I did lots of sewing – finished my laptop cover using your pattern. I'll put a photograph on my blog tomorrow.


Ben looks very happy! What fun!
So glad you're feeling much better. Water in the wellies could be the cure for the common cold!
Love Rosie & Bear and looking forward to the quilt pattern.
X Linda


I love seeing pictures of Ben and your needlework too.

Mondays are what you make them and yours sounded pretty near perfect to me.


Good to hear that you feel better. Love Ben's expression as he stands in the rockpool.
Lesley XX


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