Miss Daisy misbehaves (again!)

Sometimes living with two Newfies can be a little frustrating (although I do of course love them very much).  They are a breed renowned for their bonding with and love for their humans, and certainly my two are are most reluctant to leave my side.  If they anticipate my being in one place for a little while then, with much huffing and puffing they will park themselves in the most inconvenient spot simply so they can be as close to me as possible …..

Which is very lovely of them, but it does mean that getting up to make a cup of tea is a major achievement, necessitating amazing gymnastic feats on my part to clamber over them.  But now Daisy has taken this attachment to new extremes…

Yes, a sight never before seen on the internet (and most unlikely to ever be seen again), me in the bath closely monitored by Miss Daisy who knows very well that she is not supposed to be upstairs.  I forgot to close the bathroom door and this was the result.  I had a nice new magazine on my iPad and had settled down for a lovely soak in my deliciously fragranced Lush bubbles when a black furry face appeared over the side of the bath. So I had to get out, wrap myself in a towel and send the naughty puppy downstairs again where a totally horrified Ben (who is by far the best behaved of the two) had to be reassured that he was a good dog and Daisy’s naughtiness was in no way his fault.  Then by the time I returned my bubbles were vanishing fast and my bath water was growing chilly.  Ah well ….

But unlike my bath which turned out to be a bit of a disaster, my sewing has been going well this week.  I’ve started another – yes another(!) – Esme top from the pattern by Sew Liberated.  I love this pattern – it goes together really well, is easy to wear and suits my body shape.  This time I’ve chosen a lovely splashy roses print…..

Just the cuffs left to add and the bottom hem to turn up.  I am sure that wearing this top will definitely get me in the mood for visiting the wedding florist with Rosie this weekend!  And I used some of the scraps in my next project for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – my Summertime Picnic Blanket …

Here’s the top nearly finished – just the borders to add.  I used lots of lovely soft pastels to try to achieve an effect reminiscent of handmade paper when combined into simple patchwork, then added Gershwin’s famous song title.  Perfect for balmy summer days ahead!


Pam MacLennan

OMG Helen, Daisy is an absolute delight. You are lucky she didn’t try to climb in – that would have resulted in some amazing gymnastic feats on your part trying to get out without being drowned. My Burmese Cat Coco sits on the edge of our shower watching and protesting loudly at getting wet but never moves and then once the water is turned off, sits on the wet tiles watching the water disappear down the plug hole and trying to catch the very last drops. They are certainly entertaining (and exasberating some days).

Mandy Taylor

I laughed out loud at the picture of Daisy monitoring you in the bath. I have two dogs that follow me everywhere and I’ve had to put a stair gate up to keep them from following me upstairs. Sometimes it feels like I’ve got toddlers all over again!


I understand completely! I sometimes wonder how they think we managed before they joined our families x


Daisy I’m sure the bubbles are not good for the fur.
Love that top Helen, it’s so pretty.
Julie xxxxxx


Hi Helen,
Daisy is adorable even when she’s naughty! Lying across doorways is one of the favourites of one of our German Shepherd girls and for her to move is way beyond her – hence the gymnastic feats in our house, too! Just as you step over her she lifts her head up and so the gymnastic feats turn into Olympic ones!
I have only been having Bustle and Sew for a few months so, the other day, I thought I would go back and read your blog from the beginning – how I wished I’d found B&S earlier but better late than never. It’s so interesting with so many lovely ideas – I don’t know how you keep them coming but thank you very much for them.


Thanks so much Diana. I think it’s because I spent 20 years feeling trapped working in an office, I must have stored up so much I wanted to make inside my head!


I have a sweet little Jack Russell that does the same thing. If I don’t close the bathroom door she will be waiting for me on the shower mat as I step out. She will also take it upon herself to lick my wet feet if I don’t shoo her out in time!
It is like having a toddler around again – but they’re so darn sweet it’s hard to stay cross for long.

Lori Smanski

this is so funny. i can relate my sister in law has had two newfies since we have been married, now 30 yrs. now she has two white w/brown spot newfies they are so pretty. She lives in a two room apartment, yah really crowded. and she will tell them “ok lets go to camp lori’s” and they get all excited and are trying to hurry her up to leave so they can come and romp in the back yard. they are so much fun. slobbery, lol but fun.


Slobbery, hairy and generally messy (except for 3 micro-seconds each month when they return from the groomer!)


How funny and lovely. Mind you we have given up with our dogs and let them upstairs. We take the view that it reduces the heating bill as if we are cold in bed we just throw another dog on the bed!


Love it! But as Ben is 150 lbs and Daisy around 110 lbs I think I’d be squashed rather than warmed if I did the same x

Vicky Haynes

I, too, have a Velcro dog. And I’m also performing amazing gymnastic feats. But for the most part, she stays out from underfoot. I move around a lot when I’m crafting since my space is in 2 small rooms and she’ll settle in one, then I have to run into the other to press something. No matter how many times I tell her that I’ll be right back, not to bother getting up… she insists on following and going through the whole huff, lay down routine. After a couple of these, I start getting the stink eye. Due to a tailbone problem, I rarely take baths but she’ll stick her nose through the shower curtain. She also thinks she’s a lapdog and at 75 lbs, that’s quite a feat. Thank goodness the weather is finally nice enough that we can spend some time out of doors.

lee lawson

Hi Helen,I have been going through your blog as it’s so wonderful,looking at all your creations and of course the entertaining doggies.I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this post and the pic of naughty Daisy what a hoot.Love your sense of humour too.xx


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