My New Patchwork Project

Today, with Daisy in uncharacteristically sleepy mode (Ben is always ready for a snooze), I was able to enjoy a bit of a lie-in and work on my new patchwork door curtain.   I love living in an old house, but along with the character and history come chilly draughts once the cooler months arrive.  The hall has recently been redecorated….

and looks very smart with its new dusty green woodwork and soft white walls.  The door you can see in the photo opens out into the courtyard on the north side of the house.  It doesn’t get any sunshine and, being old, has warped and shrunk over time and so it’s easy for chill breezes to penetrate.  Previously I’d hung a woollen blanket over it, which first Ben, and now Daisy, loved to hide behind – rubbing mud, dog-hair and goodness knows what else into its fibres.  It had definitely seen better days and had to be replaced.  But what with?  Whatever I chose had to be durable – and most definitely washable!  Then I saw the new Winter’s Lane collection by Kate & Birdie Paper Co for Moda.  And I fell in love with the colours ….

I know Moda fabrics are good quality and wash well, and an easy choice was to order 6 charm packs to create the centre panel of a simple patchwork curtain.  I’ve spent a few hours piecing the 5″ squares together – just randomly and this morning, whilst enjoying my lie-in, was able to continue hand-quilting them.  I’ve backed my patchwork with old, well-shrunken, woollen blanket to give warmth and substance and am only quilting these two layers – the lining will be joined separately at sides and bottom.  I chose to do it this way as I wanted my curtain to have a relaxed, fluid look.  

There are little mother-of-pearl buttons to hide my not-always-perfectly-aligned seams, and I chose a dark blue thread as I plan to add a dark blue velvet border (sounds very grand, but it was a cheap-as-chips remnant I picked up) at the bottom that won’t show black dog hair too readily.  There’s still a long way to go, but I think my back door will be lovely and snug this winter – though I hope the colder weather will be a very long time coming!


It looks absolutely pretty, and I’m sure it will keep you warm and cosy in the winter.
Julie xxxxxx


I just had to say how much I always enjoy reading you mag and blog 🙂
I am so glad I subscribe to the magazine as there is always something to keep me busy 🙂
I love the Winter’s Lane collection, it is ideal for your pretty home 🙂
I hope Daisy and Ben are managing in this heat, my 2 little Jack’s are floped out on the kitchen floor a lot haha.
Thank you again for a wonderful magazine 🙂
Sue x


Hehe, you cheater, hiding your oopsies under buttons. Though, your door quilt looks nicer than some of the “winners” that pop up at quilt shows around here. The winners are “perfect”, but to me “perfect” does not mean silk screened, machine done fanciness, it means a little something special even if it is not perfect. The thing that upsets me most at quilt shows is that the machine done ones win, and the hand done ones get shoved to the back. I hope Benny and Daisy enjoy their custom made hidey blanket.


Your hall is stunning, Helen, and the door curtain an excellent idea. Beautiful fabric…look forward to seeing the completed project.
X Linda


What a lovely collection of colours, your quilted door hanging will look fabulous. My Shih Tzu Bea is very thankful for her summer haircut, so much more comfortable in our hot Ontario weather. I’m sure Ben and Daisy are loving any trips to the beach to frolic in the surf.s

Kathleen Robertson

Hi Helen, I love the colours of your hall and the floor is gorgeous. I’ve just recently subscribed to your mag and I love it, so many beautiful patterns as well as interesting topics. I’ve never attempted quilting but love the fabrics you’ve chosen for your screen, am sure it will be a show stopper once it’s hanging up.
Thanks for being so inspirational.

Esther blankenzee

Good morning Helen,

I love the fabric dat you have chosen.
I just have my magasine for august in my mail and ther are som lovely patterns in it. Yesterday i made with a pattern of yours, for the furst time a free embrodery with my sewing machine. I have got that machine after my mother in law past away. It was hers and my husband was nicely suprised i was making sumting un it . I made the sea gull pattern but i juse it for a bulletin bord. it was fun to make it.

Thank u for the lovely patterns and the wonderful stories of your dogs and the place you life in. Sorry for my english. It is not so good. i think i am going for a holliday next year to england and i want to go to devon now. It looks lovely.


Thanks Esther for your lovely comment, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying Bustle & Sew – your English is very good. xx


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