Newbie Quilter: The First Cut ….

This afternoon I have had a lovely happy time cutting up fabric for my Four Seasons Bunnies Quilt.  My order arrived last week, but this is the first chance I have had to really take time to think everything through before taking that all-important (and quite scary) first cut.  I had not really appreciated until now how much maths is involved in quilting.  This is probably my own fault as I decided to resize the blocks and then change the pattern slightly (to make it easier).  The blocks had to be resized as the original squares were 6″ in size meaning those with the bunny embroidery would have had to have been 12″ .  But they are only 9″.  So now my squares are 4.5″. 
And they are all made up of three strips of fabric.  I am so pleased with the colours, I think they work really well with the embroidery.
The pink is for the long borders at the sides and each corner square will feature a tree, reflecting the nature theme of the embroidery designs.  That is the plan anyway!!  As well as Nakisha’s images, I don’t think I’ve mentioned on my blog before how much my choice of fabrics was also influenced by one of my favourite artists, Angie Lewin. 
I was lucky enough to be given her wonderful book Plants and Places a while ago now – it’s not only a good read, but it’s packed with images of her work.
and she also shares her creative process with readers, talking about what inspires her and the processes she uses to make her wonderful prints.  It is available on Amazon if you’re interested – the link is below..
Now back to sewing my blocks … hopefully I shall have more progress to report in a few days – quilting does appear to be strangely addictive!


Oh I just love this Helen. The stitcheries are so sweet and your fabrics are just perfect.
I can't wait to see more.

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle)

You're whetting my appetite for a little stab at quilting, looking good so far


Your quilt is going to be lovely, the bunnies are so sweet and I love your choice of material. The book looks excellent too.
I'm having my first blog giveaway, perhaps you'd like to visit and take part.
Carol xx


It's lovely, I'm a bit envious of the process you took to begin, choosing the material is so important my first two quilts are like explosions I really wish I'd planned them better. I'm really pleased with them but always show them to people with an apology. My latest one is the first that I will be showing abandonly.


What wonderful fabrics, they're going to look terrific. I look forward to seeing your progress on the quilt.


Just came across your blog after a google image search- really love your embroidery. I'm fairly new to embroidery and quilting but am currently combining them, too- we'll see what happens! Looking forward to seeing your quilt- are you planning to hand or machine quilt it? (Love the Lotta Jansdotter prints by the way, I just bought myself a wee bit for no reason at all!)


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