Trouble with Bunnies!!

A  wet weekend meant I have been able to make lots of progress on my bunnies quilt.  I have pieced the top and started stippling.  But I am having trouble with the bunnies.  They will not stay in their blocks .. they are out of control!!  I see them here…. Bunny quilting 1

I see them there…. Bunny Quilting 2

I see those bunnies everywhere!! Bunny quiltin 4

…. I just couldn’t resist.  Stippling got a bit boring (though I’m not sure I’m ready for anything more difficult yet).  so I thought I’d slip in a few bunny shapes as I went along.  Have done about a quarter of the quilt now, hope to be able to show you more later in the week.


Oh my goodness!!!! How clever you are, Helen, and what a grand idea for the bunny quilt! I simply have to learn!
X Linda

Deborah Jennings

Maybe the bunnies are multiplying? =) One good thing is, at least they aren’t the killer dust bunnies that I get! I love it!


Very impressive! I’m a beginner machine quilter too and I’m not sure I would have the confidence to just just “let the bunnies loose!” Love, love, love them! :~D


Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments. Guess the bunnies came about as I’ve done quite a lot of freestyle machine embroidery so am accustomed to “drawing” with the machine needle, and love experimenting with different ideas. After all if they don’t work then there’s always a pair of scissors or seam ripper to hand! H xx


Love the bunnies. My favorite is November, cause that’s when my birthday is and I love the turkey. Thanks for the chance to win. Neena

Michele Crow

Very very cute! I think all of the bunnies are great, but August bunny is my favorite one.

Becky Cochran

I was torn between June Bunny and August Bunny, August being my birthday month…..but June wins. I was a bride without a veil and I rather love the veil. I also love the idea of using the linen to stitch on, then I think I would use some of my thirties stash for the log cabin part. I would’ve loved to have seen a bunny with a little red wagon, how cute would that be? I like bunnies period. I have a small collection of them that live at my beach house, they like to gather on my shelving used for quilting bits and bobs…some sit up and watch what’s going on while others just nap. I love the idea of a bunny quilt to add to them. Which is my favorite of my bunnies? Well….don’t tell them but it is likely my first one, he’s made with blue corduroy and some real bunny fur (sorry to that bunny), he’s worn himself into a soft grey hue against that light blue corduroy…..oh hmmm…wonder what corduroy would do in a quilt? That bunny was hand made by some wonderful lady from Virginia, I think he’s lived with me now for about 20 years. I’m off to the beach in a few weeks and I’ll tell my bunnies about the bunny quilt I’ll be making for them…..yes, I do believe they will love that.
Mind you, this is the kind of “stories” I tell my granddaughter, she rather enjoys them. I’m not really nutty. My granddaughter likes me to sleep with her when I visit, she’s five, the first time we did that she said “tell me about your grandmother”, that totally knocked me over…so I began telling her stories she would love and remember both about my grandmother and about hers….and she calls me Winnie, she made that up not me. Oh and what does she do at the beach? She entertains my bunnies!
Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.


Very cute bunnies! They are perfect on linen!…and they would look really good with the thirties prints I inherited from my Mom.
Ben kind of looks like a seal in that pool of water! Haha! A land locked seal.


100 im curious about the cloth you mention and if its soft and what it was like to sew on and what are you feeding those bunnies they multiply quickly I see LOL!!! The bunnies are awsome . Your work is fabilous and I can only hope to one day be a quarter of the great stitcher you are . Very inspiring !! Thank you Sherri


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