Lavender Hand Cream Recipe

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have the very best intentions of always wearing gloves when gardening – but somehow along the way they get put down and it’s only when I realise how grubby my hands and nails have become and how cold they feel that I remember I was supposed to be wearing my gloves! We first shared this recipe in a very old issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine but I thought it would be nice to share again with our newer readers.

You can purchase nice gardeners’ hand cream, but this recipe is really easy to make as the ingredients are readily available from your local chemist or online. This makes quite a thick cream which becomes quite firm on cooling, so is best put into wide mouthed jars that are easy to reach into.



Do let us know if you try this recipe, we’d love to hear how you get on!



Hi Rosie,

Your hand cream sounds delicious – almost too good to put on your hands! Does it have to be bleached bees’ wax? I only ask as my friend’s husband keeps bees and obviously has bees’ wax, but I’ve never heard her say that he bleaches it.



Hi Diana, not sure about the bleached wax – we’ve only ever used the regular kind, but as the original recipe states bleached we thought we’d leave it in in case it was important! xx


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