7 Free Softie Patterns

Here at Bustle & Sew we absolutely LOVE making softies so we thought we would share some of our favourite free softie patterns that we’ve discovered on Pinterest (if you aren’t already, you can follow us here!)…

1 Unicorn plush pillow from The DIY Mommy

2 Soft Woolen bunny from Purl Soho

3 Long Necked Dino from Happily Ever After

4 Whale of a Time plushies by Christina McKinney for Birch Fabrics

5 Felt Koala Stuffie from Lia Griffith

6 Flora the Elephant Softie from Bustle & Sew

7 Tilly the Turtle from When She Naps

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I tried to get the free koala pattern, but it sends me to a web site that requires payment. Is this not a free pattern?


Karen, her tutorial is
free but to get the
pattern, you have to
join. I’ve been referred
to her page several
times and you can
only get them by
Carla from Utah


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