A bit of a mixture .. and the return of my free Humphrey pattern

As anyone who knows me will realise, I love animals.  All sorts of animals (but not spiders – sorry spiders, but you will not be on my Christmas card list this year, or any year.  I know you are useful creatures, but I do not love you.)  I digress.  Although I love (nearly all) animals, I am particularly fond of dogs.  We always had dogs throughout my childhood so when I grew up as soon as circumstances allowed a lovely little Westie called Lucy joined Townie Husband and I.
I also love making soft toys – nice easy ones, with cheerful, friendly faces, and I’ve shared a few of my patterns over the years.  My most recent softie pattern was the Owl & the Pussy Cat which I’ve had lots of lovely comments about (thank you all) and inspired by these I decided to revisit some of my earlier designs. This is when I discovered – shock horror(!) that Humphrey the Bonzo Hound – one of my favourite dog designs – had disappeared from my free pattern library.  Must have lost him when I changed website providers earlier this year. 
Now I’ve re-uploaded the free pattern to my library on Issuu, which is where you’ll find the majority of my free publications.  You can visit the Bustle & Sew Free Pattern Library here where you’ll find four pages of free patterns. 
But you won’t find this pattern in my Issuu library.  I was thrilled to be asked by my friend Jenny (of Elefantz) to be guest contributor to her magazine – in her Christmas special issue! This is my Nativity Advent Calendar pattern and it’s in her current issue, along with lots of Jenny’s very own lovely designs .. I was particularly taken with this idea ….
A gift for an absent loved one with a promise to think of one another on Christmas Day afternoon.   To learn more about Jenny, her magazine and patterns, please do visit her lovely blog, Jenny of Elefantz …. and better take a cup of tea along, you’re sure to be there for some time!!
But before you go … remember Julie and I were having a lovely girly stitchy sort of day yesterday – visiting Dartington for an applique exhibition, followed by lunch and a browse around the shops in Totnes?  Well, Totnes was lovely, lunch was delicious …. but the applique exhibition had finished the day before.   Could only happen to us!!


Humphrey is indeed a cutie! I must say that Christmas Day promise brought tear to my eye, it's a beautiful idea.
Kandi x

Jenny of Elefantz

But the lunch and shopping made up for the disappointment, right? 😉


Oh no! What a shame; it's something I've done, too, with an art exhibition we had looked forward to for weeks (a week too long as it turned out).
Love Humphrey's cross stitches on his 'under gusset' (why does that sound a little bit rude, lol?)
Off to Jenny's >>>


I received my first edition of your magazine last week and was not disappointed. Like the Nativity in Jenny's emag this month also, along with the Owl and the Pussy Cat.

Scented Sweetpeas

ahhh Humphrey is just so lovely, what a cute hound. I must make one for my little girl 🙂 We have two dogs, Ted the mischief parsons terrier and Charlie the chocy lab (who sounds like Humphrey when he howls). Thanks for sharing a fab pattern. x


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