A blast from the past ….. hyacinth and mice

Brrrrr …. it’s a cold grey Sunday afternoon here at Coombe Leigh – there’s an icy wind blowing and even the newfies are snuggled up cosily on their beds.  It’s a good kind of afternoon to have a sort through old files and folders, while dreaming of spring days yet to come.  And while I was rummaging around, deleting duplicate files and arranging photographs in some sort of order, I came across one of my earliest patterns – my hyacinth in a teacup …..


Based on a particularly nice pink hyacinth that I enjoyed way back in 2010.  I spent an hour or so updating the pattern and uploaded the new version yesterday so if you’d like to stitch your own hyacinth, then please just CLICK HERE to download your free pattern.

Another old favourite is my pincushion mouse pattern.  It’s based on a vintage design that I remember making as a child with my mum’s help too many years ago to count(!)  It’s a great pattern for beginners and children, as well as a lot of fun for the more experienced and it’s just become available as a kit.

So if you’d like to make your own mouse, but don’t have time to visit the shops for all the bits and pieces you’ll need, it’s now super-easy as everything you require has been carefully packed in the box.  The only extra you’ll need is a pair of scissors.

I currently have a limited supply of kits to make pink mice.  If you’d like to learn more, then please do CLICK HERE to visit my store where you can read all about them.  Postage worldwide is included in the price, and I’m sorry but discount codes are not valid to use for purchasing kits.  I plan to list more kits over the coming weeks, and I’ll let you know when they’re available in-store.


I did the hycinth embroidery, Helen! I love the pattern and I had such fun making it! 🙂 Made these gloomy days so much brighter. Thanks a lot.


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