Angel Pigs …..

When I went to Totnes on Friday with Julie, we both decided that no matter how tempting, we would not waste our hard-earned pennies on any impulse purchases. However I saw some lovely red and white Christmas ribbon and could not resist ….

…. but this was not a waste of pennies after all as my purchase inspired me to turn the pig softie pattern I’d been working on into… Angel Pigs for Christmas!!  They’re very round, cheerful, slightly comical creatures with fat tummies and pink button noses who have put on wings especially for the festive season.
They are really easy to make – the bodies are hand stitched and only the wings are machine sewn – so each pig should only take an evening or two.  The pattern will be in next month’s magazine so there’ll still be plenty of time to make them before the big day.
And, at the moment, anyone who subscribes to the magazine will receive a free bonus copy of The Stitcher’s Companion as a joining gift.  Please check out the right-hand sidebar for subscription details.


Jenny of Elefantz

A perfect use for the ribbon! The angel piggies are delightful! 🙂


Ok, that did it for me, I subscribed!! I've been putting it off, not because I don't love your designs, but because there's enough on my to-do list already, but I have to make these pigs, have to!


Love them, love them, love them!
Really want to try my hand at making them…


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