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Last week I asked if anyone had questions they’d like to ask the Bustle & Sew bunny.  I received quite a few queries which I’m beginning to put into some sort of order to answer in the coming weeks.  These included an email from a lovely lady called Baa who wanted to know about my free booklet “Making Beautiful Softies” as she couldn’t find the link to download it.  I had a bit of a rummage around and was amazed to discover that I actually put this together way back in 2011 (which is probably why Baa couldn’t find the link!) and it was well overdue for a dusting down and tidying up.  So I spent an hour or two on polishing it up a little and putting it into my new format, and here it is!

The illustration on the front is by my very talented friend Jacqui of Flapdoodledesigns, and shows two of my ever-popular Pincushion Mice.

Just CLICK HERE to download your free copy of Making Beautiful Softies, and if you don’t already have, and would like, the Pincushion Mice pattern, then please just CLICK HERE.

Both the booklet and pattern are free and I’m happy for you to share them with as many people as you wish, providing you don’t change them in any way.  And if you have any questions you’d like to “Ask the Bunny” then please do leave a comment below or email me direct.


I will greatly miss the retiring bunny. Beatrix Potter bunnies have been in my life, my children’s, and grand children’s.

lorraine mcneill

thankyou for the free design you are so very kind hope you are having a wonderful weekend


thank you for your generosity – I love the fabrics u use to make these little mousketeers.


Do you make them to sell? I would love to have 2 of them but unfortunately I am not a sewer. I have quilted in the past but I sold my sewing machine after my husband lost his job and we needed the money to stay afloat.


I’m sorry to hear that Laurie, I don’t make them to sell, but they are really easy – and handstitched too so you don’t need a sewing machine xx

Debby Mount

I would like to thank you so very much for this darling mice pin cushion pattern. I just love anything with ” mice” on it, as I collect mice things and I am a quilter!! Bless you for your generous free pattern. You are very sweet. XO From Debby. Wish I could find some mice buttons etc. ?

Dottie Smith

Would you make them and sell them…I don’t sew and would love about a dozen of them.


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