Baby Ben: Newfoundland Dog Softie

Today it has rained all day.  We have had light rain, heavy rain, sideways rain and “gets inside your coat and runs down under your jumper” rain.  It has indeed been wet.  We do need this rain very badly, but it’s hard to feel grateful when you’re stuck indoors on Sunday afternoon.  Still, I’ve made the most of it and finished off my “Baby Ben” softie for this month’s Bustle & Sew magazine.
These days of course, Ben is a fine figure of a dog – weighing in at 147lbs and, in his opinion at least, extremely handsome.  You’ll remember him posing for his picture a few posts ago …. if not, then you can see him here.  But of course he wasn’t always big and strong – I remember those early months ….
Ahhh … wasn’t he cute – and tiny too – weighing no more than 18 lbs.  Amy took him firmly in paw and within days had given him his first swimming lesson ….
and before long he was uber-confident in the water.  But it is those early puppy days that have inspired this softie …
Here he is, crafted in vintage blanket, with his very own life saving ring.  Eager to go and save someone just like Amy did once (but that’s another story).  Head on one side, listening for the surf
He’d make a perfect gift for a child as he’s simply filled with toy stuffing (no wire or pebbles) and all his features are embroidered, so nothing to become detached.  The pattern to make him will be in the July magazine, as will Rosie & Bear Summer Bedtime and my new Signals and Semaphore pattern that isn’t quite ready yet.  If you would like to try a subscription, then the button’s at the top of the right-hand sidebar – it’s just $4.50 per month and there’s no minimum subscription period –  it really is an uber-bargain – why not give it a go?
Looking out of the window as I type, I think the rain might finally have stopped – so I think I’d better head off and take my all-grown-up Ben out for his walk.  Bye for now..x


I grew up with Newfies and do love them so! I dream of the day when I have enough land to have one again, but until then, this little softie is a lovely substitute. 🙂

Jennifer Woodward

Amy was such a good mentor to Ben. And oh, they do grow quickly. I'm looking forward to creating these adorable softies. I'll make one black Newf for my Noah and two Landseer for my Gabriel and Paige.


What a delight Ben is – and I expect he knows he is wonderful because you keep telling him! Love to meet him oneday!
Julie xxxxxxxx


Everytime I read your posts I always think how lovely it would be to read a childrens book written by you, you could use your softies etc for the illustrations. Just putting it out there.
Laurie Freeman x


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