Bunnylicious goings-on!

I am well past the age (many decades in fact) when I used to play dressing up my soft toys – teddies, bunnies, dogs and pandas – and hold tea parties for them, or enjoy sending them to pretend school – complete with their own neatly handwritten and carefully marked exercise books.  Back then my child’s imagination gave all my softies personalities and lives of their own.  And even now I am all grown up I still feel that when I create a new softie design I put a little bit of myself into the pattern, which is why it makes me feel so happy when they are well received.  Last month was an amazing month for Bustle & Sew softies – our first-ever kits were a runaway success (they’re all back in store now if you missed out the first time) ….

But most of all, it was the most bunnylicious month ever here at Bustle & Sew as not one, but two of my little bunnies ventured out into the world.  First was my free Easter Bunny Tutorial for Sew Mama Sew ….


And then my little grey rabbit was featured in this month’s issue of Mollie Makes ……

What a handsome fellow!

I love their photography style – I remember my mum had loads of those lovely vintage coloured knitting needles, goodness knows what happened to them!  But if last month was the month of the softie, then this month is shaping up to be hand embroidery month – and there’ll be more details in this week’s newsletter.


Really love the softies,as you say they all seem to have their own personalities!


Love all your beautiful softies even though, so far, I have only made Humphrey the dog 🙂
Exciting times for you and Rosie and such a thrill to be published in national magazines 🙂 I remember how excited I felt when my first article was published in a national magazine and I was paid for it!!!! xx


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