Easter Egg Hunt – Preparations


What is Ben looking at?

 Well, here in the UK last Sunday was Mother’s Day.  Rosie sent me a lovely card and mentioned that she was very much looking forward to coming down for Easter.  She also hoped that I was making suitable preparations for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt.  (Did I mention she is 23 years old?!)  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember my “Muddle of Bunnies” skittles pattern that I published back in October I think …. 


You can find it on the website here.  Just perfect for the Easter Egg hunt, these bunnies are quick and easy to make, and weighted with a pebble in the base so they won’t fall over.  I made three in pastel colours over a couple of evenings ….

Easter Bunnies

Then I added some simple signs, just card mounted on bamboo skewers and pinned to the bunnies’ backs. (Would be a good idea to stitch or glue for younger children). Hey presto!  We have bunnies ready for our Easter Egg hunt!  Rosie will be pleased. And that’s what Ben was looking at! 

I’m including the bunnies template and instructions, together with the printable signs in this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine so subscribers will have plenty of time to make their bunnies before Easter.  And I’ll send out the printable signs to anyone purchasing the Muddle of Bunnies pattern between now and Easter.  All I need now are some chocolate eggs ……..


When you put up photos of your cuddly dog Ben, I smile. I had a fiber ranch and still spin all my own yarns. When I see your puppy, I melt into a smile of warmth and cozy feelings. Along with alpaca, goat, sheep, yak, camel, bunny and many many more animals I spun dog. It was some of the most amazing yarns. Have you ever tried spinning the fur into yarn after the groomer sheared it off? Just a suggestion. I am going to make a few bunnies for Easter. Wish my luck, Monika


Super cute skittles pattern! I actually have this pattern in my “I want to make these someday” pile. Also, I never really thought about giving the egg hunters hints… a very good idea particularly for the young hunters. I can’t think of a better way then with adorable Easter Bunnies to point the way!
Oh, about those chocolate eggs… what time does the hunt start? Do you think you could include dark chocolate covered caramel and marshmallow eggs?

Deborah Jennings

Beautiful Ben! And I love the bunnies and the signs! Awesome! You are so talented! =) I love your blog and eventually plan to start getting your magazine. I have spent my allowance this month so I am eagerly awaiting next month’s allowance so I can hopefully get it then.


Hi Deborah – thanks so much for your kind comments. If you can possibly squeeze it out of this month’s allowance now is a great time to subscribe as you’ll receive the current issue plus the first two Diamond Jubilee Quilt blocks straight away, followed by April’s issue next week – all for your first $5.50!! And …. all new subscribers receive a copy of my ebook “The Stitcher’s Companion” (value $20) as a free gift when they subscribe too. Helen xx


I just love it when I see “Helen” “Bustle and Sew” “Ben” in my mailbox letting me know you have posted something fun. Thanks so much and Happy Mum’s Day to you albeit a bit late for your part of the world. 🙂


Wow you are so clever, your projects are beautiful and look so well made. I love reading your blog and always look forward to receiving the Bustle and Sew mag, just wish I have more time to attempt the patterns!

Also, just have to say Ben is adorable. I love big dogs (we had an Akita a few years ago) and hope to have a gorgeous Newfie someday.


I love the bunnies. My little man is still too young for an easter egg hunt and as he doesn’t eat very much chocolate, I’m going to make the bunnie skittle set for him instead as I love it and I know he will 🙂


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