Flying Pigs … and thank you everyone

Wow!   Thank you so much everyone who left a comment on my giveaway!   So many of you – and such wonderful softie ideas – I would certainly never have considered a dragon or crocodile – though I have been thinking about a fox for an autumn issue of my magazine.   I will definitely be creating one or two of your suggestions over the coming months.  

For the moment though, I have a confession to make.  I have been away playing – visiting Rosie in Bath – and so I have not yet worked the random number generator and counted down to the winner.  I promise I will do so before Friday, and let you know the lucky recipient of the little blue cashmere bunny who will have to wait on my shelf just a little while longer before setting off to his new home.   

Flying Pigs

Inspired by everyone’s ideas, before I went to Bath, I had a good sort through all my softie patterns to remind myself of my earlier creations… and came across the Angel Pigs softie pattern that I designed for Christmas 2011.  I’d always meant to tweak the pattern slightly and create some Flying Pigs – and now seemed like the perfect time – what do you think?  

Flying Pigs

 I must admit, I think they’re rather cute!  And the little blue pig is standing on a bundle of Cath Kidston fabric I treated myself to whilst in Bath.  I think they’d make a great present – perhaps for a teenager who has actually tidied her room when asked – pigs will definitely be flying if that happens too regularly! 

Flying Pigs

 If you’d like to make your own Flying Pigs, then the Angel Pig pattern works absolutely fine, though I’ll publish the tweaked version in the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  

Back on Friday with the results of the bunny giveaway!


I love your Piggies!! And I have the original pattern!! Got them with the Christmas Bundle I bought!!!! That Fabric is oh sew sweet!! Made me drool!!! LOL 🙂



Well, I could give one to my teenage daughter if she tidied her room. Maybe bribery like this would work.


I so happy! I have been getting your free emails for ageeees and have finally been able to subscribe to your magazine thanks to being able to work again after my back ‘went’. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the awesomeness 😀


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