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Today I was planning to write about Flora the Elephant and our new annual subscription offer, but before I do I feel I must take a moment to acknowledge yesterday’s dreadful events in London.  I don’t usually write about current affairs/politics etc here, but the attacks of the last few weeks here in the UK (not to mention earlier attacks across the world) have been so very terrible they simply cannot be ignored.  I grew up in the Midlands in the 1970s with a background of terrorism – then it was the IRA – I remember the Birmingham pub bombings vividly – but at least it seemed possible to take some precautions to keep safe – whilst I’m not sure that’s possible any more.  All I can do is to say a big “thank you” to security services across the globe who work so hard behind the scenes to keep us all as safe as they possibly can.  And to send my heartfelt sympathy and good wishes (and contribute to the benefit fund) to those directly affected by these attacks.  It seems so very little, I know, and I do admire Ariana Grande (of whom I must admit I had never heard before last week) and other pop stars who have come back to Manchester for the “One Love” concert tonight.

Moving on …. I am delighted to announce that although our original vintage Flora Limited Edition kits sold out in just a couple of hours – I have now found some really pretty fabric that I think is just as nice.  It isn’t vintage so I can purchase more if needed – and of course it’s less expensive than vintage too!  The original vintage Flora is on the right of this photo and her new baby sister (also named Flora) is on the left.

Flora the Elephant kits are now available in store – just CLICK HERE to find out more.  And … even nicer … we are giving away Flora kits as our free welcome gift when you purchase an annual subscription to the Bustle & Sew Magazine.

Annual subscriptions are really good value – for just $48 you’ll receive 12 copies of the Magazine as well as a copy of our new digital pattern collection Simply Softies Two ….

And your Flora Kit too of course (posted free of charge to anywhere in the world).  If you’d like to learn more then please just CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page.


Sending love, hugs and prayers to you and all of UK for your losses. Sad times indeed.

Ilda Maria Mariano Duarte

Ao ver este seu elefante , fiquei emocionada perante tanta beleza .
A senhora têm umas mãos de fada .


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