It’s Charlie! Free Patchwork Elephant Softie Tutorial for you

Hello Charlie!!
I’ve been very busy over the weekend, writing up the free pattern/tutorial for Charlie.  I am so pleased with him … he’s sitting on the sewing chair in my workroom and his cheerful face is the first thing I see when I open the door in the morning …

But as well as writing this weekend, yesterday we all set off to the Kingsbridge show.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, so I can’t show you any photos of the lovely teddy-bear-faced Dartmoor sheep, the clever collies herding geese or even the elegant ladies giving a wonderful demonstration of riding side-saddle. 
Ben came along too as this is very much a country show and dogs were well-represented.  He was definitely the largest, furriest specimen there, and attracted more than his fair share of attention and petting.  By far his most favourite stall was this one though …
Rhubarb’s Bakery which offered handmade dog-biscuits for the discerning canine.  It’s part of our local “Made by Youth” initiative where local youngsters learn about the world of business by developing and selling their own products.  Ben and I certainly wish them all the best and will definitely be revisiting Rhubarb’s Bakery at the next Kingsbridge Youth Market.
But back to Charlie … here he is from another angle so you can see his patchwork body made from the hexagons I cut using my new Accuquilt Go!Baby Cutter….not forgetting to notice the bell on the end of his tail!
If you’d like to make your own Charlie, then please click here to view and download your free Charlie the Patchwork Elephant tutorial, including creating his patchwork pieces – a lot easier than you might think! 
Back soon with news of an exciting giveaway …… but for now I must go and take Ben for his walk – he needs some exercise to burn off all those Rhubarb’s Bakery dog biscuits he gobbled yesterday!!


I know of two little people who might like Charlie! He looks really friendly
Julie xxxxxxxx


Love Charlie! He's fantastic! Really effective 🙂 Sounds like Ben had a nice time. I have a little friend who likes the sound of rhubarb biscuits! lol


Is there anyway you could email the pattern in a newsletter format?
I can download your newsletter, etc that way, but I can't download Charlie! And he is soooo cute!
I updated my Adobe, I joined Issu, but still unable to download1
Thanks, Leslie
[email protected]


I know that this post is older than some, but I came across this post today while looking for upcycle projects. Upcycling is my current hobby and is becoming something that I have become truly passionate about.Though they weren’t quilted, I made 2 Charlies from an old pair of jeans and a few pieces of scrap material. They were super easy to make, turned out AMAZING and my kids love them. Thanks a bunch!


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