It’s colder in than out!

Ooooh, it has been cold here today!  As my Mum used to say, “It’s colder in than out!”  This is because the (very nice) builder has been here for the last few days knocking out parts of our chimney to make room for our woodburning stove.  This means he has had to have the door and windows open to let dust out, and of course the cold air in.  I am sure it will be worth it in the end, but meanwhile, I am sitting here typing this post while bundled up in multiple layers (I can hardly bend my arms!) against the frigid air.  

Meanwhile, to help me keep warm, I’m busily creating new projects for the January issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I finished this one yesterday afternoon and, after photographing her in the summer house this morning, I am pleased to present to you Daisy the Draught Excluder dog.

Daisy the Draught Excluder Dog

Much better behaved than I’m sure Ben’s new baby sister will be, although named in her honour, she will sit patiently against the bottom of your door, keeping those chill winds away..

Daisy the Draught Excluder Dog

with her cute little upturned nose and bright beady eyes she reminds me of her namesake.  

Daisy the Draught Excluder Dog

And do you see the pretty printed fabric I’ve used to line her ears?  Here’s a closer look ….

Daisy the Draught Excluder

It’s a vintage Liberty print fabric, given to me by my friend Esme, one of the members of our Pensioners’ Lunch Club.  

I have always loved Liberty fabrics with their timeless, very English appeal, and so was delighted when Liberty contacted me and asked me to design a tutorial using their new range of fabrics.  


Aren’t they beautiful?  You can see the full range of their craft fabrics here – and I’ll be posting my free tutorial using some of their luscious fabric next week.   


Its cold here too – love Daisy the draught excluder.
I will definitely be making her
Julie xxxxxxx


Daisy the draught excluder is very sweet and will definitely come in handy here in Maine. We have enough draughts in our 100 year old house to keep her very busy!
How exciting to have Liberty contact you for a project tutorial! I’ll look forward to reading it and to seeing the new design lines. There’s no other fabric quite equal to a Liberty fabric….
X Linda


I love Daisy too, but I love the fabric more!! Can you get it on this side of the pond??? I will check and see!!!

Dawn Van Horn

I love it … I’d planned on making some draft stoppers when I finish my Christmas sewing, so I can’t wait for the Daisy pattern to come out!!!!


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