Little Elephant Pattern for you

It seems it is true that pattern submissions are like buses – wait for a while and then two come along together!  This is certainly the case for me as my second submission was featured in this month’s Sew Hip magazine….
Yes, it’s one of my favourite themes – animals in love – this time featuring (at the editor’s request) elephants falling for each other.  It looks great in the magazine, their photography is just so much better than my own and they write the pattern up so well too.
I do like elephants, when I was young I was the proud possessor of a beautiful fat elephant called Enric (no I don’t know why either).  I remember being fascinated that his knitted body was stuffed with my mum’s chopped up old tights – or would it have been stockings in those days?  He had a little hole under his trunk and I could poke my finger in to feel his insides. 
In memory of that long ago, loved to pieces toy, and also inspired by my elephant cushion cover,  I’ve put together a quick pattern for you … a little elephant crafted from felt – easily made in a single evening.  The pattern’s free and, like the magazine, is hosted on Issuu – just click here to view and print.
Above is my modern-day Enric with his friend Isaac, the little knitted bunny and my most recent pattern – an applique/embroidery tea cosy.  This pattern will be included with next month’s magazine as part of an article on using vintage illustration for embroidery.  Just got to get on and write it up before then!  Both toys and the cosy will be on my stall at the Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes on the 24th of next month – hope to see some of you there!


♥ emma bear forever ♥

His really cute and I picked up the Sew Hip mag the other week. I still need to make the hottie cover from the first one but had to have the next issue for the gorgeous elelphant cushion xx

Bumpkin Bears

Congratulations on the feature, it looks totally adorable, love it. A little while ago I made a large elephant in the style of one I had as a child, for my wee niece. I have been thinking of making up other patterns to offer in my Etsy store, gosh too many ideas and too little time! I have been meaning to email to say I featured your lovely bunny cushion on my Blog. I have started on a new embroidery pattern today, all transferred onto the fabric! Catherine x


I have just downloaded your enric pattern and I can't wait to try him out. I have to go thrift some nice wool first, but when he is complete I will post about it on my blog and will let you know how we get on 🙂 Thank you


Hello and how wonderful and lovely to get information from England and yes where I was born also and have so many memories, I look forward to go back soon but in the mean time I am quilting and sewing, and looking up things to do till I can come over to the other side of the pond,,looking forward to meeting and seeing you, HUGS and Cheers angeljeanne – Jeanne xox


Hi! I bookmarked this years ago and finally made one yesterday for a friend’s baby. It was a HUGE hit. I’m making another for the next baby shower. Thank you so much!


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