Meet Mr Toad

Just lately I’ve been keeping myself super-busy with my stitching, mainly hand embroidery as I’m putting together a new collection of patterns which I plan to call Blossom & Bloom.  I’m going to include many of the floral designs that have appeared in the Magazine over the last few months and hope that it will be ready for release before the end of next month.  But sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a break from hand embroidery – and so I’ve also been working on the second in my series of Wind in the Willows inspired softie patterns.  Mr Badger featured in the April Magazine …..


Looking very serious as he poses for his picture with all the other April projects.  In contrast, this little fellow is rather mischievous, definitely knows his own mind and is extremely hard to control …….

frog 001a

Meet Mr Toad!  He’s not quite finished yet as I haven’t added his features, but before I could stop him he leapt from my sewing basket and took refuge among the buttercups in the garden.  He’ll be sorry if he meets those naughty Newfies though as he would be very likely to suffer the same fate that befell Rudolph ….

blog02Not a pretty sight!  Look out for Mr Toad in the May issue of the Magazine, and if you’re taking part in my Library of Stitches Spring Stitchalong, then watch out for my next email landing in your in-box at the weekend (after a break at Easter).


Thanks Lynn, he was HARD to design. As well as the body shape the eyes were tricky too, but I think they worked OK in the end. He’ll be easy to stitch now the patterns all drafted though! xx


Aw, thanks so much Linda. He was really hard to design – I spent ages on the body, getting the dart under his chin and the roundness of his head just right. But he’ll actually be very easy to make! xxxx


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