Signs of Spring – Little Hen Pattern in the Newsletter

What a wonderful, gloriously sunny day we have had down here in Devon today.  At last the paths through the woods are drying out, no more slipping, slithering and sliding through the horribly slimy red Devon mud.  Instead a most enjoyable walk, able to look around and take in the signs of spring with no need to have my eyes fixed to the path to make sure that no especially slippery patch would catch me unawares and deposit me bum first in the ooze! (Yes, it has happened before – more than once!).
Although there was plenty of water still in the stream – testament to all the wet weather we have had recently.  Ben of course took full advantage to have a relaxing, refreshing paddle! 
Primroses of course – our county flower.  These have seeded in the old stone wall in front of my house.
And sheltered against the house wall the mint is growing away – there should be plenty ready when the new potatoes arrive – yum!
And, inspired by the clucking and squawking of Belinda’s hens next door, I’ve put together a little softie pattern for newsletter subscribers.  It’s in the March newsletter (the free one) which is out now.  I must admit to eating one or two of the props in this photo – no not the camellias – or the oats – the mini-eggs (yum again!). 
As I’ve created quite a few softies lately in readiness for the Nostalgic Mix fair in (double gulp) just two weeks, I’ve also put together a few notes – some hints and tips on how to make your softies look really good ……

It’s called “Making Beautiful Softies” and doesn’t include any patterns – though there are quite a few pictures and loads of tips.  It is free, and you can view it by clicking on the image above.



The sun is shining here too! I love the Hens.
I have a pale pink Camillia which is also in full flower.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Bumpkin Bears

oh dreamy primroses! I hope you got my article and photos ok, Catherine x


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