Rainbow Colour Chart: Free Tutorial

Vintage Schoolroom Poster

I love colour… rich vibrant shades and delicate pastels.  I adore the way that colour changes through the seasons, from the  greys, violet and taupe of winter, through the cheerful yellows of spring flowers and pale pinks of the apple blossom to the deepest bluebell blues and vibrant colours of summer, which merge into the reds, golds and ochres of autumn before the cycle begins again. 

Vintage Schoolroom Poster

I love working with colour too, and one of the best ways I have found to emphasise a particular hue in one of my projects is to use some solid colour – most usually a lovely wool felt.  Because it’s impossible to see true colours online – so much depends on display settings – I purchase colour samples – I have a (very battered) DMC colour card for my flosses, and also a little bag of wool felt squares, each bearing a carefully handwritten sticky label. 

Rainbow Colour Chart

But labels can become detached, little bags mislaid or even lost entirely only to emerge months later when I’ve ordered a new set of samples. (true story) And I thought – what a shame to keep all these cheerful little felt samples locked up in a plastic bag, only seeing the light of day when I’m rummaging through them to find just the right colour.  They deserve better! 

Rainbow Colour Chart

And better is what happened to them! So simple, and yet so effective.  A practical way of using them, that’s attractive too, and always to hand on my workroom wall, a bright splash of colour in the corner.  I’ve arranged the squares to suit my way of working – notice all the animal fur colours at the bottom.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this before.   

If you’d like to create your very own colour chart – whether it’s using felt, fabric samples or even paper squares, then just CLICK HERE to download my free tutorial.  Hope you like it!


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