Thinking about colour ….

First of all – thank you so much everyone who left such kind and generous comments about my quilt as you go project – now christened the Countryside Quilt.  Since Christmas everyone who has visited Coombe Leigh has been taken upstairs to admire it – and without exception they have all said how much they like the colours and how they would never have thought of putting them together, although it does in fact conform very closely to colour wheel theory.  So I thought maybe I’d write down a few hints and tips on using and combining colours in case anybody might find it interesting and/or useful perhaps?  

Thinking About Colour

If you’d like it, then it’s free to download,  just CLICK HERE or on the image above for the free pdf file.  And finally … here’s a peek at the first project for the February issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine… “Birds on a Wire”

Birds on a Wire

Lots of colour here!  And a great way to display children’s artwork, postcards, fabric samples or anything at all that can be pegged to a line!   


 If you’d like to learn more about my magazine and take advantage of my special $1 trial offer (must end soon), then please CLICK HERE.


Thanks so much for the print-out regarding color theory. Always nice to have a refresher, and being a little afraid of color beyond monotone (smile), I promise to always take it with me as a companion when shopping for new fabric. Can’t wait to try the birds…what a great idea!
X Linda


Thank you for the info “Thinking about Colour”. I have taken you up on your special new year offer. I downloaded “Stitcher’s Companion” and it will be so useful as I learn to embroider. Love that you added all the different stitches. Happy New Year !


Thank you for your article on color – that is something I haven’t confidently mastered yet and your article had lot of good ideas to think about. And the birds are a cute project. 🙂


The blue-ish bird on the right reminds me of the parakeet my granma had as a pet when I was growing up. 🙂 He (the bird) hated everyone except my granma and uncle, whether he had ever met a person before or not. I can’t imagine why he liked my uncle, he made more bird for dinner jokes than anyone…. 😛


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