Moon Bunny Quilt, and what I have to put up with!!

by Helen on June 12, 2012

I’ve finished my Moon Bunny Quilt and managed to take some photos in the garden between the heavy showers we’ve been having here all day.  I also managed to squeeze in Ben’s walk between the showers and thought I’d show you what I have to put up with from that naughty dog.  He is of course a Newfoundland dog which means he adores water – and so he didn’t care one bit that the sky was ominously dark to the west, another torrential downpour was imminent and his mum wanted to get home before the heavens opened and she got soaked! 

Spot the Newfie!

Can you spot him in this photo?  Yes, that is not some strange wild water creature – it is Ben playing hide and seek in the stream …. 

Ben's not coming out!

And I think what he’s saying is, “You want me?  Come and get me!”  See what I have to put up with!  I did eventually manage to persuade him it was time to come out, but only after he’d splashed backwards and forwards for quite a while.  Luckily we just about made it home before it rained! 

Moon Bunny Quilt

And here is the finished Moon Bunny quilt.  (sorry it’s not the best photo but it’s been such a dull, grey, rainy day …).  I followed the suggestion of incorporating stars into the quilting – then did sort of zig-zags and outlined a few blocks.  I was trying to give the impression of one of those astronomer’s charts where the constellations are plotted onto a grid.  I also outlined the applique design and the individual appliqued stars …

Moon Bunny

 I don’t know if you can see very clearly in this picture.  I should have taken some of the reverse, but didn’t and of course it’s dark now so hopeless to try to get a good photo.  Hopefully you can also see that I outlined some of the blocks to try to look like the grid on a star chart.  If you’d like the Moon Bunny Quilt pattern, I’ve uploaded it – just CLICK HERE for the free pdf file. 

Oh .. and if you don’t know the Moon Bunny legend, I blogged about it some time ago and you can CLICK HERE to see my original post if you’d like to read the story.


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