Too much colour?


I do so LOVE colour!  But I am wondering .... have I gone a bit too far in my latest project?  Let me explain ..... A couple of years ago I completed my first-ever large quilting project - a cover for my bed using the "quilt as you go" technique.  I so love this quilt, even though it's full … [Read more...]

Miss Daisy misbehaves (again!)

Sometimes living with two Newfies can be a little frustrating (although I do of course love them very much).  They are a breed renowned for their bonding with and love for their humans, and certainly my two are are most reluctant to leave my side.  If they anticipate my being in one place for a … [Read more...]

Winter’s Comfort Quilt

I've finished my Winter's Comfort Quilt!  And, judging by the wind, rain and darkness outside my windows tonight, not a moment too soon!   There are seven snowflakes - completely reworked  from an early 20th century design by Nancy Page and ornamented with tiny mother-of-pearl buttons for just a … [Read more...]