St Patrick’s Day Free Giveaway

Last year I hosted my first St Patrick’s Day giveaway, and enjoyed it so much that this year I’ve decided to do it all over again!  I myself am not Irish, but my grandmother (my mum’s mother) was an Irish McDowell whose family came to England in the early 20th century.  She was a brilliant needlewoman and seamstress, training as a “lady tailoress” in the 1920’s, and her skills were much in demand in the “Make Do and Mend” years of the second world war.  My mum has many memories of ladies and girls trooping in and out of the house and up the stairs to her sewing room where their worn out or outgrown garments would be transformed into wonderful stylish new creations.

So, once again in honour of my grandmother, from whom I am sure I inherit my love of stitching, I have a giveaway for you.  You may have spotted in a recent post, when I mentioned the bears softie pattern for the April issue of my magazine, that one of the little bears was a beautiful soft shade of green – and this little bear is the prize for my St Patrick’s Day giveaway…..

St Patricks Bear

 All you need to do to be in with a chance to win this adorable little fellow is to leave a comment below telling me what his name should be.  You have until midnight GMT on Monday 18 March to leave your comment and the winner will be chosen by random selection.  I will post worldwide.

And don’t forget to download your free St Patrick’s Day bunting from Flapdoodle if you’re marking the day…. 

St Patricks Giveaway

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  1. Hi, love the bear. I think his name should be Finn. Don’t know why, but it seems to suit him. I really look forward to your magazine. Love to the Newfies. Blessings

  2. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you…
    I am a woman of color; however, my grandmother was an Irish woman and in honor of her might I suggest that the beautiful bear’s name be Claire Barr! My father’s family name is Barrett…
    Have a lovely day!

  3. What a darling bear, I think he should be called ‘Mick’ in honor of the Irish Guards, knows as ‘the Micks’.

  4. Well, he’s green, Irish and beautiful so I would suggest Shamrock.

  5. Betsy Anne says:

    How about Patrick for St.Patrick’s day!

  6. Aud Kirsten Sommerbakk says:

    You could name him “Teddy”. I always think of Theodore Roosevelt when I see a teddy bear, hence the name.

  7. As soon as I saw him, the name CHESTER springs to mind. He reminds me of a lovely old-fashioned, safe and happy childhood.

  8. An adorable bear that will bring luck to his new owner
    So I think he should be called Clover

  9. jacqueline ewalt says:

    hello helen,
    waht a nice litle one is this bear. i like him verry much! his name should be thomas just like my son. i love your magazines.
    greetings jacqueline

  10. Lovely giveaway! He looks like a Brendan to me!

  11. First thing popped into my head when I saw his green smiling face was Brian O’Patty.

  12. I think he is adorable and think he should be called Dennis Partick, (my husbands name, who was born on St Patricks Day) Our ancestors were from Ireland, and have a long tradition of sewing too, my Mother used to sew smocking for girls dresses and she used to earn the princly sum of “a penny a smock “!!

  13. Elizabeth R. says:

    This adorable little green cub needs to be Colin Green, since the Irish meaning of Colin is: Young Cub.

    I look forward to finding out the selected winners name for the little bear.

  14. Becki Westwood says:

    He is an gorgeous bear – I think he should be called Limerick!

  15. hi, I feel lucky to have found Bustle & sew last week, so im going to say the little green bear with a twinkle in his eye should be named Shamrock, the symbol for good luck

  16. karni dar says:

    i think that Ricko would be a qute name has part of Patrick withe a twist

  17. carole jonstone says:

    love the bear he should be called Shamos Oleary

  18. When I read the story of St. Patrick with the Clover and about the Holy Trinity, I was thinking, why not “TRINITY”.

    Have a nice day Mieke

  19. Deborah Ervin says:

    I like the name Paddy. For your bear!!!!

  20. Jill Mundy says:

    Seamus was the first name that came in to my head. He’s really cute!

  21. Oh, this little bear is so sweet and cute. If he were mine I would call him Sweet Pea.

  22. I love your green bear and I think it just needs to get an Irish name and the name that is very Irish to my ears is Jock, don´t know why but it just is!
    Hope you like it too!

  23. Beautiful little bear. I think he should be called :
    Uaine Glas which are Irish words for the colour green.
    This gives him a Christian name and a Surname!
    He’s soooooo lovely.

  24. I thin I would call him Ricky, short for Patrick.

  25. Love his friendly and optimistic look! 🙂 How about Garry?

  26. aaaw he’s cute i think his name would be Gijs. Lovely made He looks of his green colour of a boy that must work in the garden.
    Well one, have a fun st Patrick’s day.

  27. Hello,
    Yes, I think that CLOVER is good : “vert” in french is green !

  28. Sharon Griffith says:

    Oh he is so adorable and the first thing that came to mind was Mickey O’Malley….we are irish and I could not think of anything else other then that is what he looks like to me…I love him very cute. Happy International Quilt Day!

  29. He is so lovely and he should be called “Francis”

  30. Helen Jane says:

    He is fab and I think his name should be Moss

  31. I think the little green bear should be called Erin 🙂 a cute name for a cute bear 🙂

  32. Lorri Ellis says:

    How about Shamrock O’Malley he is very handsome.

  33. I’m Italian, so no Irish here anywhere. 🙂 But I can still celebrate. I would name little bear “Shamrock”. I know that is cliche, but I think that about sums the whole thing up. I see someone else suggested that, I also like the “Limerick” suggestion, too.

  34. Judith Bellamy says:

    What about Flynne we had an Irish wolf hound called Flynne and he was a real softy too

  35. marian fraser says:

    I think his name should be Paddy Divine, because he is.

  36. Ik vind het een schatje
    Hij heet BAS .

  37. I like Toppo from ‘Top of the morning’. Really cute chap.

  38. myself am from Irish back grown my grandfather was a Waterford man came to England in 1860 i would name this beautiful bear LORCAN Means “silent” or “fierce” and was probably used as a nickname for a “brave warrior.”

  39. This bear is so adorable I’m going to insist that “he” is a “she” and name her Erin. I would just luv to start my new granddaughter’s bear collection with “Erin”!!!

  40. This bear is so adorable I’m going to insist that “he” is a “she” and name her Merida after the strong girl character in Brave. I would just luv to start my new granddaughter’s bear collection with “Merida”!!!

  41. Please delete my first submission, I didn’t notice Erin had already been submitted! Thanks for allowing me to enter this giveaway. I love your blog!

  42. For some odd reason the first name that came to my head was Flanigan. Very cute bear, very fitting color for the holiday.
    Love your blog and sewing ideas. I am so glad I have found your site. Thank you for the great ideas.

  43. Alison Dent says:

    I was going to say Patrick but someone has already made that suggestion, so I am going to go with ROBIN, as in Robin Hood, who always wore green

  44. I would call him Clover.

  45. I know he’s for St. Patrick’s day, but he really looks like his name should be Jellybean.

  46. My Grandmother and grandfather were also Irish and My grandmother came from County Cork so I am suggesting Cork for his name

  47. So happy to have found your site a few days ago! So many precious things, you are so talented. I think this lovely little bear should be called Art because he
    was artfully made and because Art comes from an ancient Irish word for “a bear”. Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I see that Shamrock has been suggested several times, soooooo, how about Blarney (as in Blarney stone)?

  49. marguerite says:

    A charmer if ever I saw one, I think “Emerald” after the emerald isle as Ireland is also known as where the “little people” come from to enchant and bespell us, just like this little bear.

  50. Wendy Higgins says:

    I would call him Thomas in memory of my father in law who was born on St. Patricks day in Cork, Ireland.

  51. Susie Day says:

    I feel his name should be Greenie McMuffin, just because something I did the other day told me that was my name,lol. Think he is such a cutie.

  52. jeanne hughes says:

    Gorgeous bear. How about Donnacha ?

  53. I think she should be called Erin the poetic word for Ireland
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  54. What a lovely cuddly bear. As a new grandmother I’d chose a rhyming name for him so my new granddaughter could have a chuckle as we said it … it must be RicRac PaddyWack

  55. I’m going for the obvious which is Paddy Bear or Lucky Shamrock Bear.

  56. Super cute!!! How about Arthur?

  57. I think your fantastic bear should be called guiness.

  58. What an adorable little bear,I think he should be called Lucky Pat xxxx

  59. What an adorable little bear,I think he should be called Lucky Pat x

  60. What an adorable little bear,I think he should be called Lucky Pat xxx

  61. Mary Lassiter says:

    Since this time of year all of us have a little of the Blarney in us, I think he should be called Blarney. Not to be confused with the purple guy of a different species. Top of the Mornin to ya! :0)

  62. Joni Gerard says:

    This guy very intelligent…could run a college! Dean Anson Patrick

  63. Beautiful story! Bears are very nice! Bear His name to Peter. My son is one of Peter. I wish you nice holidays!

  64. Hi Helen, The bear is lovely, Seamus sounds just right

  65. Wonderful story. My kids think “Patrick O’Cutie” would be a great name for this sweetie.

  66. This darling little one should be called Sean O’Bustle in honor of his maker

  67. carol forbes says:

    I think she should be called Emmy – short for emerald – shes gorgeous helen. thanks for the chance x

  68. What a beautiful bear, I think his name should be ‘Greengage’ as the greengage tree in our garden is just beginning to show green leaves. Julia x

  69. I love your stuff. Thank you for all the updates.

    My name would be Jake after my new Grandson.

  70. How about a girl’s name! Colleen or Cassidy!

  71. Louise Hawkins says:

    Hi there, oohh my how beautiful is he!! I think a good name for him would be Dougal! Hope you like my idea, lots of love Louise Hawkins x

  72. I think his name should be Ernest- or, because of his sweet face, Earnest!!!

  73. My submission is Patty O’Bear

  74. Christinelorna says:

    Got to be Shamrock x

  75. I think the name Breandan would be a nice name for a bear who will travel from his home…..

    X Linda

  76. Your bear is absolutely adorable! I’d call him Paddy. ♥

  77. My suggestion of a name for your educated-looking Irish Bear is: O’Whiskey.
    Irish Whiskey is distilled in Ireland of barley malt

  78. Stacey Hunter says:

    I see I’m not the first, but Erin Bear just fits.

  79. I would call him Shamrock McBear..or maybe Patrick McBear!

  80. Hello Hellen,

    This bear truly looks like he should be called Sir Lawrence of Shamrock . . . he’s very stately and will charm the heart of anyone who’s the lucky enough to take him home. Our home, of course, will promptly bestow him upon our new grand child! Best wishes!

  81. I propose O’Patty…. charming bear !

  82. He looks so serene that I think his / her name should be PEACE which is what most of us would like.

  83. If the little bear found his way here, I would name him Paddy McTuff. I have two senior cats and little Paddy would have to have something to make him look tough. So, a moniker would suit nicely.

  84. I would name this handsome boy ‘Donegal’ 🙂

  85. Gre Kuijvenhoven says:

    Wat dacht je van Joek, vernoemd naar onze kleinzoon

  86. I have a brand new grand nephew born March 8. One of his names is Finn. I think this would be a lovely name for your cute bear.

  87. As a girl descending from dwellers of Galway Bay and a lover of Irish fairy tales, I would call this lovely little bear ‘Tir-na-n-Og’ named after the favourite dwelling place of the fairies, the Country of the Young.

  88. I think the name GUINESS is a good one.

  89. I would name him GUINESS.

  90. Charlotte Amaro says:

    I think he looks like his name is Danny. 🙂

  91. Princess Glenna McGreen

  92. I would call your adorable little bear Lucky

  93. Hi Helen,
    I think that the bear should be called Tara which was the holiest site in ancient Ireland just before St Patrick’s time. The high kings of Ireland were also elected there. The name would be just perfect for such a beautiful bear. Your work is beautiful. 🙂

  94. As soon as I saw him I thought HERBY would be a great name for a green little cutie like him! He is terribly cute and would make a great friend for my new little jack russell 5 months old Penny

  95. Hi Such a cute bear should be named Wogan please.

  96. Hi, If he were mine I would call him Wogan.

  97. Love this adorable green bear! I would name him “split pea” because his color and dots remind me of split pea soup.

  98. Hi Such a cute bear, if he were mine I would call him Wogan.

  99. By all means, this little guy should be named Paddy.

  100. I like Sean Patrick McDougle

  101. It is a very cute bear! I’m thinking Danny Boy, which my Irish grandfather was known for singing. Or Rory, on honor of my favorite Irish golfer, Rory McIlroy. Wait, McIlroy would be cute too!

  102. So many great names…. I also have to go with Clover.
    Have a Great Day !

  103. He is adorable. I like Patrick Logan for his name.

  104. How about Paddy me darlin . Sounds like a wee little cutie name. hehehe

  105. Ranjugandhi says:

    I would call him Gandhi

  106. I would name him cuddles…he looks so soft and I would give him a great big hub
    Have a great day!

  107. The bear is so so cute. I would call him Emerald (because he’s a gem, he’s green and the Old Emerald Isle)

  108. Julie Aubert says:

    So cute! How about Emerald Berry? Green & spring is there anything better?

  109. Such a cutie pie! I think he looks like a he and here in Ireland, the generally accepted Irish translation of Edward is Eamonn (pronounced Ay – as is bay- Mon). Seeing as he is a teddy bear! Ta se saralainn (gorgeous!). Nina xx

  110. Donna King says:

    I agree with some of the other posts that suggested his name should be Irish and my first thought was Shamrock. But decided that was almost TOO obvious, so I thought he should be called shillelagh (the crooked Irish walking Stick) pronounced (shill-ay-lee) … it also lends itself to a few shortened nicknames, such as shilly, laylee, or even just lee.

  111. I’d have to call him Shamrock! He’s just too cute for words and any lucky little one who got him would be thrilled!

  112. Bethaney says:

    Chaucer. For some reason, that is what popped into my head when I saw him, Irish or not.

  113. Love the bear and he looks so Vintage.. I like the name Vintage Vinnie.. He reminds me a of all around bear not just for St. Patricks Day.

  114. I think he looks an incredibly friendly and helpful young bear so I think he should be named diggory after my assistance dog
    Great pieces on here. I am often bedridden and have found a new lease of life in sewing. Thank you!

  115. Looks like O’Paddy to me.

  116. Ann Jewell says:

    I love this little bear. I would name him “MacNamera”.

  117. Valeska Fraga says:

    Hello Helen,
    I loved the bear and the story you told us about your grandma, I also had a greatgrandma that was a seamstress, and I’m sure my love for sewing came from her… I think this bear should honor your grandma having her name and profession, for me he should call Tailor McDowell!!!! What you think????

  118. I would call him Muldoon…. because I think it suits him. Hugs Linda x

  119. I think Seamus after my favorite Irish setter

  120. I think his name could be Quinn.

  121. LiesjeMarie Fennimore says:

    “Mackie” this bear is adorable & I’d love to have elaborate name like all the ones I read here, but my Irish Dad has been nicknamed most of his 74 yrs of life as “Mac” and I’d name this bear “Mackey”/? “Mackie” as the Jr. version of everything I’ve known to be 100% Irish…of course having a 100% Italian Mom made for interesting life for me 🙂 so far…………….I wanna huggle this bear and place him on my family quilt on my bed…thanx for having super prize like this….

  122. Stephanie V. says:

    I think he should be Cornelius Colcannon, in tribute to two wonderful Irish dishes, corned beef and colcannon.

  123. I think Fergal would be the name for this lovely bear – Fergal Bear has a certain ring to it. Fergal in Irish means brave/courageous, which I’m sure he is!

    Ruth x

  124. mary pallas says:

    With any luck his name be Paddy MacStitch! He is surely a handsome bloke.

  125. How about Olive!

  126. Hi I would call the gorgeous bear Clooney as that means Green Pasture .

  127. I would like to nominate this adorable bears name in honor of my Great Great Grandpa, who was from County Kerry, as Kerry O’Bear. His name was James, he was born on board ship, coming to America, in 1846. The settled in Pennsylvania. I lived with his son by Gr. Grandpa Joseph, then when I got married he lived with me, he was 2 weeks short of turning 100, when he passed away in 1965. I loved him so much and miss him every day.

  128. Anne Shelbaer says:

    That little bear is O’wearing of the green I see. Well, sadly I have a very long name for him but it can be abbreviated if need be. Happy go Lucky. He looks so Happy and he is mighty Lucky to be wearing green. Then he is going to be Lucky to go to the person that give him his grand name. ggggg
    Too much fun Helen, thank you for letting me try for his name. Anne

  129. I think this cute bear should be called Liam!

  130. I think in honor of your family heritage he’s name should be Paddy McDowell. A great tribute to a woman before you passing time with needle and thread. Good luck with whatever name is chosen.

  131. I would name him “Art” – from an ancient word in Irish for “a bear,” used in the sense of “outstanding warrior” or “champion.” and I also like it because he was handmade from an Artist! Very sweet! Happy International Quilting day also!

  132. Cabhan – pronounced “kav + an” An Irish cabhan means “grassy hill” or “hollow”.

  133. To me he shoud be named McHugs 🙂
    A teddy bear is to be hugged! *

  134. I would like to suggest Brian, after my wonderful Irish father.

  135. Casey O’Bear – I have a grandson on the way and it looks like his name will be Casey O’Brien!

  136. Connie Jordan says:

    I am a bear lover with a collection of them all over my house-would love to add another. I have irish ancestors as well and think to honor your family your bear should carry the name “Irish McDowell”. Three of my grands are named Katie, Erin and Sean.

  137. I love bears, this little bear is really cute. I will call him “Peridot” (my precious lucky stone).

  138. Barb Colvin says:

    He looks like a Padraig to me!

  139. I think he should be named Paddy. He,s gorgeous

  140. Tuli mieleen BOBO. Söötti kun on.

  141. Chrissie says:

    Cornelius! Cornelius Green! He’s an intelligent chap with a bit o’ fun in his twinklin’ eye, I think.

    I’m sooo glad Ben’s neck is better. When our lab mix was a puppy, she would run alongside our Corgi, Neville, and grab him by the ruff, pulling him down to the floor for a tussle. When Neville had his collar on, she’d use the collar, so we took it off. She’s all grown up now, but still goes for his ruff to start a game.

  142. Such a cutie! I vote for naming him “Shamrock.” Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!!

  143. Paddy O’Bear, of course! 🙂

  144. Natelie Hiser says:

    Her name is Darcie.

  145. I think his name should be Carrickfergus after the Irish song by the same name!

  146. Seamus O’Beara! O’Beara for the Beara peninsula in southwest Ireland and Seamus, just because.

  147. Vicki Van says:

    Such a dandy little fellow, would love to have him come to my home! His name would be called “Patty MacPatrick”

  148. Hi, Very Cute! I would call him Hugbee.

  149. Vicki Van says:

    Such a dandy little fellow, would love to have him come to my home! His name would be called “Patty MacPatrick”

  150. Janis Borrowman says:

    I love this little bear. As I look at his I see him as the grand leader of his little village in the woods. They are a very busy clan, working daily making items for their friends, gathering wood, cooking and sewing. Of course, this little special bear is the leader of the clan and his name is Mac Gregor.

    Mac Gregor was my husband family name of the people who migrated from Ireland to America in the early days.

  151. Oh, he is cute. Charlie seems a wonderful name for this Saint of a Bear.
    Thank You – I Love Your Website. It always, gives me a big smile.

  152. Definitely
    Paddy McBustle

  153. Ruth Davis says:

    Such a cute bear. Looks like a Paddy O’Greenbear

  154. What a delightfully cute bear! I have called him Paddy

  155. Wow, what a lovely gift.
    The name I have to think of is Binky, the bear.
    It’s a name that fits just fine, I think. 😉
    Have a great weekend and good luck with designing,

  156. carole cook says:

    Oh he’s gorgeous, what a lovely gesture, think his name should be a good olde Irish name of MURPHY, seems to suit him,
    Thanks for the chance for us to win him,

  157. He really should be called Little Shamrock….he is just adorable

  158. Cindy Schmidt says:

    He’s so cute. If he were mine, I would name him Lucky. Please pick me!

  159. Isn’t he the sweetest little thing?! He looks like a Colin McDowell!

  160. I was immediately reminded of the song Paddy McGinty’s goat, as sung by Val Doonican, my grandmother’s favourite crooner. So I reckon McGinty would be a great name for the little bear.

  161. Regena Fickes says:

    I think his name should be Clancy. I had a wonderful.beautiful dog named that many years ago and it has remained my favorite animal name since that time. Whatever name you chose will be most appropriate. He is over the moon cute.

  162. The name Shammie jumped into my head when I saw him.


    I like Fiona …which means vine in Irish. Cute! Thanks so much 🙂

  164. Hello,
    Happy st Patrick to you.
    What a maervellous day. I think that this little bear could be named “Green Teddy”. It is a simple name but I like it very much.
    Thank you so much for all. I like your website very much. Good luck for everyone.
    Have a nice week-end and see you soon.

  165. Me mum’s family is McCartney and me Da’s family is McKinley!! I think the bear’s name should be Paddy Bear!

  166. What a cute little bear! I found out yesterday my newest grandchild due in August is a BOY. So, in honor I would suggest the name of Michael McStuff. Thanks and blessings!

  167. Hi Helen,

    To me it seems Fluffy

  168. Elizabeth says:

    Hee~! All of my names have already been chosen! Finn…and Clover…and Kelly.
    He’s adorable! Can’t wait for April’s issue for the pattern!

  169. He’s so cute! I think I would name him Seamus.

  170. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I think the darling little bear should be Paddy-Cake because she looks like she would love to play with me.
    My grandmother, great grandmother, and aunt all sewed for the ladies of the small town they lived in in Michigan. They also made quilts of the scraps of fabric. Lovely ladies and I loved them a lot.
    Happy Day to all

  171. Patricia Lafferty Packard says:

    You are so creative. Such a lovely bear. I like Kelly McBear. Kelly can be a girl or boy name and is a popular last name as well. P.S. And very Irish I might add.

  172. Jean Della Vecchia says:

    I would name him Blarney!

  173. Well, sure, and why wouldn’t he be McDowell for your grandmother!

  174. Barbara Pricola says:

    I think your bear(s) are absolutely darling!! I think his name should be Baby Paddy Cake. I know it’s a little silly, but I love the old children’s rhymes.
    Happy St. Patricks Day!

  175. What a dandy looking bear…so handsome and fair…
    I think his name should be Bertie Beare in honor of my Irish side and my husband’s German side.

  176. I think that Flecher would be a great name for your precious little bear…

  177. Jenny Moore says:

    I think his name should be Patrick.

  178. Mary Wagner says:

    I vote for “Shamus”, an inquisitive little soul.

  179. Brenda J. Moore says:

    I have Lyle in mind. L= lime (a shade of green), YLE = isle, for the Emerald Isle itself.
    A stretch -You bet!
    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario

  180. Lori Morton says:

    Oh he is Adorable!! What a Sweetie Bear …. how bout Sweetpea?

  181. Sue Lovell says:

    This lovely little bear should be called Caolan….. A Gaelic name which my friend in Belfast named her boy 🙂 I’m sure he’ll go to a lovely home and be looked after x

  182. Joy Purcell says:

    She looks like a Maggie to me. You are VERY talented! Thanks for the fun blog!

  183. Sue Smith says:

    He is beautiful – I think Seamus O’Shamrock would be a lovely name for him.

  184. Virginia says:

    All your animals are adorable and I think the little guy looks like a Paddy to me.

  185. How about Timothy John. My daughter loves green. Thanks for a chance to win. Janita

  186. Hi, I think he should be called “LEAFY”, because he is green, in the leaves, and it seems Irish to me. Your work is wonderful, God Bless, Gaynor

  187. I love the green bear he is handsome, I would love to see his name be Kuma.Which is Little Bear in Japaneses a wonderful name for a handsome bear.:) 🙂

  188. Sweet little bear! I choose the name Lynden, the name of my new grandson born yesterday, March 15th. The Lynden bear sounds nice. 🙂

  189. Terri Sue says:

    My favorite color is green. I think this little bear should be named Rowan McDowell. The problem will be which grandchild I shall give it to. Though I suppose I could make another one when the April Issue comes out. Thank you for the chance.

  190. Karen in OH says:

    What a cutie . . . how about Éire O’Bear . . . Éire being the Irish name for the island of Ireland. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

  191. Tay Cutchin Satterfield says:

    I think the cute little bear should be named CLOVER !!!!

  192. Mary Ann Atzrott says:

    He looks like a Shammy to me….. short for Shamrock or Shamus! He’s adorable! <3

  193. gloria wilson says:

    I would name this little guy Brendan for little prince, because he is a prince of a bear. I love your site.

  194. He is just lovely, thank you for sharing him in your giveaway. In honour of St. Patrick’s day I would call him Pat as Patrick seems a little grown up for a bear.

  195. Bernice Isaak says:

    I think Paddy since he looks like Paddyington Bear.

  196. My suggestion is Francis, named after the new pope. There are enough Paddies and Patricks around.

  197. He needs a pair of spectacles and the perfect name is Dr. O’Malley. My new grandson’s room is decorated with bright colors and animals and Dr. O’Malley will fit right in. I’m new to your site and really enjoying tips, patterns advise…. Thank you!

  198. Barb Williams says:

    I don’t believe it….as soon as I saw him, he seemed to tell me his name. I scrolled through the list and saw that he hadn’t told anyone else, until I was at the point where I was to enter his name. Lo and behold, he told Mary Ann too. His name is Shammy, what else could it be. Love your site and your wonderful creatures.

  199. So love your patterns, notes, dogs, etc etc. I love the antics of your 4 legged friends and wish I could meet them. For your bear, I noticed it has patches for feet pads so the name that popped into my head is “Patapatches”. Pat for St Patricks and patches for the feet.

  200. Karen Wise says:

    My great-great grandfather’s name was Patrick Mullany from Co. Sligo. He looked a bit like a leprechaun. I am thinking that is what I would name him. Love the bear and I love your website. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  201. I think his name should be Patrick.

  202. Well, the bear does not necessarily need a male name so I vote for Shannon, a nice Irish Lady name, same as my youngest daughter.

  203. Another cute Bustle & Sew stuffie! Finnegan is what comes to mind for me. Hope he goes to a loving home!

  204. Mailynne says:

    I think he should be Seamas (Gaelic for Shamus) O’Beary.

  205. frances kelly says:

    i think this little fella suits the name “Emerald Bear”

  206. She looks like
    “Sweet Clover”
    to me! She looks so sweet and is the color of sweet clover!

  207. I think the cute little chap should be named Declan. A good strong Irish name.

  208. Jiggy 🙂

  209. Julianne Bagnall says:

    I’d name him Blarney Stone, because I’d like to hug and kiss him!

  210. I would call him Basil.. he’s incredibly adorable. Really well done Helen! 🙂

  211. The Irish name for Bernard is Bearnard, meaning bear.

  212. Rose Ford says:

    We think his name should be Dara with his dark alluring eyes

  213. All the cute irish names are taken so I am going for Sammy after my cute staffie ( no longer with us)

  214. I haven’t looked at any of the other entries, maybe someone else has already mentioned this one. Oh, well! I like Blarney McBear for your little St Patrick’s Day bear!

  215. oooh its beautifullll. I thkink he should be named Bruno ;-);-) ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  216. All the cute irish names are taken so I am going for Sammy after my cute staffie ( no longer with us)

  217. Mary Higbee says:

    To me he looks like Andrew.

  218. The bear told me his name is Paddy O’Rork from Cork.

  219. I’d call her Morag Mae, a Celtic name plus I could never find any gifts with my name on as a child so it would be great to have a bear with the name x

  220. Paddy O’Beary He is adorable!

  221. His name should be Fergus McTeddy I think…after by Irish ancestors.

  222. Pat in Virginia says:

    I would name him Mossy McDowell. I think he is so cute.

  223. Christine says:

    I think he should be called “Quinn” he would even have his own Coat of Arms. Quinn means wisdom, chief.

  224. Shari Witt says:

    Hello! Of course, his name should be Clover. I learned all about sewing and needlework from my Grandma too.

  225. Charlie Brown says:

    I think teddy should be called “Clover” because the winner will be lucky to get hold of him. x:O)

  226. What a lovely little bear, beautiful

  227. I suggest Mctigue after Mike Mctigue, my great great uncle who won the titi
    Le of light heavy weight champion of the world on st patricks day 1923 as the bombs of the civil war went off around the theatre he was fighting in. X

  228. michelle says:

    How about Parsley? Not exactly Irish but good for a green bear;)

  229. Hello Helen
    and “the top of the morning” to you on St. Patricks Day!!!
    Aww, you’ve created such an adorable little green bear in honor of this great day – who wouldn’t want to run away with him!
    If he was mine I would call him “Blarney” – with a name like that he couldn’t be mistaken for being anything but Irish!
    Half the blood running through my veins is from good Irish stock – my maiden name was O’Malley and my father was born in Limerick.
    May the luck of the Irish be with you always Helen!
    Shane ♥

  230. apple blossom says:


    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  231. Debby Hughey says:

    As bear collector, his name should be Grady O. Bear.

  232. He is gorgeous I think Findlay would suit him for a name xx

  233. I think his mane should be Lucko… as in Luck o the Irish… 😀 he is darling.. thanks for the chance to name him… 😀

  234. Sheraton Harding says:

    Because of my love for bears and love making them, I think his name should be named after a very good friend of mine Jeffrey the Irish man.

  235. Kayleigh Devlin says:

    Quinn – a beautiful name got a beautiful bear

  236. Janey Fisher-Hope says:

    What a darling little bear with very lovely paws, so I think his name should be Posh Paws 🙂

  237. I would call him Sweet Pea 🙂 . Such an adorable person he is!!!

  238. Martha McIntosh says:

    I live in Galway, Ireland and I think he should be called EIRE, which is Irish for Ireland or Glas which means Green.

    Happy St Patricks day

  239. Stitches!

  240. Ruth Sweeney Flick says:

    I am Irish and think this cute bear should be called Saint Paddy Bear.

  241. What a fine looking bear. I think Barney is a grand name.

  242. hi I think his name should be clover because it is rare to find one!

  243. He is such a cute little bear. My suggestion is Greenwood! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  244. He is sooooo cute!!! I think his name should be Milton which is the name of my little orphan calf who is sooooo cute too!!!

  245. I think his name should be Edward Bear after my Grandfather who was a Tipperrary man x

  246. We have decided that his name is Tully. 🙂

  247. sarah munslow says:

    Hi there…I think the adorable bear should be called Seamus xx If I were to win him, I would give him to my son, Dexy 🙂

  248. My friend’s new baby is named Declan. I think that would be a great name for the bear and a great bear for Declan.

  249. Emma Fulls says:

    He looks like a “Dermot” to me. Adorable. Would love to win him xx

  250. Shannon Dugger says:

    Love your site….really love the patterns…I think he looks like a Mr. McNibbles to me…just nibbley-cute….lol…thank you for your blog….

  251. A very darling bear. There are so many good names suggested by others. A name that would suit both a GIRL or BOY version of this sweet softie design would be simply: BAILEY Bear.

    BAILEY Bear’s appearance is a timeless comfort to the child in us all and could easily have hailed from the 1770’s, an era when my ancestors farmed and raised a family outside a small town called Bailieborough, County Cavan, IRELAND.

  252. Oh! It must be a Paddington (paddy for short!) Love Norma

  253. Stephanie says:

    Such a cute bear. I think the name should be Flannery for a boy and Shauna for a girl.

  254. I love this little bear. And if I win him, his name will be Shamus Willie McGee.

  255. I think I would call him Shamrock McBear. He is so cute. 🙂

  256. I think Snuggly Seán would be a cute name for him!!

  257. Here in Holland we would say: wat een droppie! It means something like that he is really really cute. So my suggestion for a name is Droppie :-).

  258. Sue Charboneau says:

    I don’t know how you can even choose!!!! So many really outstanding names. I just wanted to say I love your blog and look forward to each issue.
    I too am a new Grandmother! My dear sweet Grandson, my first, is named Liam. So that is what I would name the very cute bear. Liam

  259. I think he is wonderful! Danny boy McStuff.

  260. He looks like a Beau to me he is sew cute.

  261. I think his name should be Dotter McDougal for the dotty fabric on his paws. He is such a handsome young bear.

  262. I think she should be Nelda. Not sure why, I just like the way it sounds!

  263. Cute little spring looking bear. I would name him Sprout for all the new growth this year.

  264. How about Chara Bear. Chara is friend in Gaelic. He’s a cutie.

  265. Nancy Price says:

    He is sew adorable. His name should be Shades O’Green McPaddy !

  266. Carol Beecham says:

    Hi my name is Patch I am a St Patrick,s bear.I am a green bear who loves cuddles

  267. Carol Beecham says:

    Hi my name is Patch. I am a St Patrick ‘s bear. I am a green bear who loves cuddles

  268. Angelia L. says:

    He is soooo adorable! The first name that came to me as soon as I saw him was “Lucky”.
    Thank you!

  269. I think Raymond 🙂 My real Dad’s name was Ray and he was Irish. He died two months before I was born and I never got the chance to meet him.

  270. Norma Carvalho says:

    Achei lindo o urso! Eu o chamaria de “Patuá” . Lindo!!!!!

  271. Wendy Hatton says:

    Happi Go’Lucky a perfect St Patrick’s Day bear name.

  272. EDNA CALLISTER says:


  273. I think he should be called Seamus; It just seems to fit!

  274. I think he should be called Seamus. It is an Irish named that in my mind calls up a jolly soul.

  275. this gorgeous little bear is surely” Begorrah O’ Bustle ” or if a female bear “Faith Begorrah” Irish people uses the term” Faith and Begorrah” or” for Sure and Begorrah” when expressing what they are saying Begorrah translates as By God
    I am Irish on my father’s side they are the O’ Keefe’s of Cork
    good luck to everyone who has entered and Happy St Patricks Day

  276. Nancy Nimtz says:

    So adorable. I love all your work and just relish your magazine every month. If I were so blessed as to win this darling bear, I would call him Molly (The Perfect One) McDowell after your grandmother.

  277. Lorcán -Gaelic: ‘little fierce one’, Saint Lorcan O’Toole 1180 ad

  278. What a cute teddy! I think “Murphy” would be a great name for him.

  279. My 2 year old daughter nicknamed her brand new baby sister “Harley Bear”. Baby sister Hallie is now 28 and still goes by the same nickname. A college roommate addressed a wedding invitation to “Harley Bear and Friend”. My pick is Harley.

  280. I just looked at the little one and think the name for him should be Sage. That is the color he is!!

  281. He is gorgeous!

    I think he has to be a Patrick Meaning Nobleman in Latin and after St Patrick, and also Tawnee meaning green field in Irish.

    So Patrick Tawnee I think is a good name!

  282. Debbie T says:

    This little bear looks like a Fitzpatrick to me!! (means”devotee of St Patrick”)

  283. Happy St.Patrick’s Day Helen! Many Thanks for the giveaway! What a gorgeous, handsome little bear. HUGO would suit him down to a tee. Have a great day!

  284. Sharon H. says:

    I like Paddy, but then I thought about Frances, as in St. Frances.

  285. Little Tighe is cute like the bear.

  286. I think something this cute should be called Little Tighe

  287. I think he should be called BoJangles

  288. Mary Henderson says:

    I think this little bear is adorable. I would call him Quinn B if he was my bear.

  289. Dona Hartney says:

    An adorable bear! My name for her is Molly O’Malley!

  290. MERRILL HOGAN says:

    I would name hime Geraghty- it’s Irish, kind of greenish and a happy name so it suits him well 🙂

  291. I think this bear is adorable . I would call him Quinn B if he was my bear.

  292. Hello, I am thinking the bear should be called “Kelton the St. Paddys Day Bear” or just Kelton. Love your blog and all your beautiful art.

  293. eva campi says:

    lindo demais…..seráque ele quer morar no Brasil? tomara…..
    acho que o nome que combina com ele é : KIKE
    bjs, eva

  294. Marilyn Gray says:

    I love the name Paddy for him. It’s Irish…it’s green for St Patrick’s day and it fits him…imho.
    I would like to win him.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  295. Nancye Aitken says:

    Hi Helen, I think he should be called Laurie Leprechaun.Cheers Nancye.

  296. Lucky or Blarney Stone: He’s such an adorable bear .. so precious !!

  297. Such a cute little bear would like to be called Flannery.

  298. Hi Helen
    What a wee cutie!!!
    I think I would name him Barnaby Greenfield.

  299. Debbie Toth says:

    Danny O’Toole after an Irish cop I knew–although I love many of the other suggestions as well!

  300. Debbie Toth says:

    Danny O’Toole after an Irish cop I knew, although I love many of the other suggestions as well!

  301. Hello Helen, How are you, Luv? I’ve been trying to think of a proper Irish name for the darling little bear, and I finally came up with “Jackie O’ Malley! What do you think? He’s just too cute!

  302. Rhonda D. says:

    I think his name should be Bear O’Greeny and should also be a Saint…so…St. Bear O’Greeny!! Would love to win St. O’Greeny for my little grandaughter. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  303. Kare Bear after my granddaughter Kara.

  304. I think his name should be HEWNEY. Hewney is a gaelic word for green. His last name could be O’Reilly.

  305. Quiet Man! From the movie “The Quiet Man”. It is a wonderful Irish movie. Thanks for the chance to win! Ireland Forever.

  306. The little green bear is adorable. He stole my heart. I would call him McGregor.

  307. Hi!!!! How about Ted D. O’Shires!!!! I have a little Irish in me too!!!! And Cherokee!!!! I would love to see Ireland someday!!!!

  308. How about Beryl O’Malley?
    Love your magazine!

  309. Sandy Olson says:

    I like simple- Mr. Green Jeans.

  310. Anastasia Jones says:

    Hi there Helen,
    I think this gorgeous bear should be called Vert-ours which is French for green bear. I think he looks very chic and would love to travel spreading a little craic for St Patrick!!

  311. I would call this dear little bear Monty

  312. Louise williams says:

    Love your beautiful bear , I would call him PADDYWHACK just cause he is so cute .

  313. I would call him Paddy.

  314. Shannon Martin says:

    Irish for “green” is glas, with the “a” pronounced as an “ah”. Might not be as fancy of some of the other names, but in light of St. Patrick’s, perhaps Glas would be a nice name. It would have it’s own background. Or for the new Pope, Francis? I can imagine that there would be a ton of great choices for you to choose from! Good luck Helen!! ~~shannon+ (also a good Irish name!!)

  315. noreen muller says:

    Hi from South Africa. I would call him Hector after my South African born father who celebrated his birthday on St. Patric’s day.

  316. Kim Reid says:

    I think the name should be Emerald, thanks!

  317. I would call the bear, Clover!

  318. I think he should be called Monty

  319. OOOOHHH what a sweet giveaway ! If he came to my house , I would call him : Petit Pat …..

  320. Judith Clarke says:

    His name has to be Robert, in honour of my brother who married an Irish girl and lives there now so is adopted Irish.

  321. Kay Lakin says:

    So adorable! I am huge hunger games fan and would call him Haymitch (although I am certain my daughter would call him ‘dat dat’ as this is what she is calling everything at the moment!). A lovely bear!


  322. Elizabeth says:

    Happy St. Patrick´s Day everyone!

    He´s a gorgeous little bear and the name ´Bracken´ popped into my head, amongst others.

  323. Looks like ‘Kildare’ bear to me. (after the county of Kildare)

  324. Frances Mitchell says:

    What a cutie! He looks like a chap called Francis to me 🙂

  325. Freda Gossage says:

    I think his name could be Erin

  326. Freda Gossage says:

    Oh no I see someone else has said Erin, so I now think he should be called Knock, after Knock in the western side of Ireland.

  327. The first name I thought of was “Sweetie Pie’. She looks like a sweetie Pie to me. Happy St Paddy’s Day to all.

  328. Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to win this little guy! There are so many good names its going to be such a task trying to pick one – good luck! my suggestion is GRIFFIN – very popular in Ireland and I reckon really suitable for your gorgeous little bear 🙂

  329. Annemarie says:

    I love the name: Cutiepat.

  330. Hi,
    I think he should be Lucky Darling Clover. He is such a smar bear and should have at least two first names (Lucky and Darling) and Clover for his colour and the Luck he’s bringing to the winner.

  331. I would love to win this little cutie.
    I think he should be called Arthur. The shortened form of Arthur is Art – an ancient Irish word for Bear, and what a handsome bear he is!!!

  332. Linda Hall says:

    How about Paddy Bear or after my Grandmothers family name McConigal Bear. Such a handsome bear! Linda from OZ

  333. Hi,
    What a lovely bear, I would name him Francis.

  334. Such a cute Irish Bear i would call him Patrick O Reily,thankyou for a chance to win him.xx

  335. The bear is so cute! I’d call him Pickles! :0)

  336. the bear’s name should be Liam after my adorable great grandson, or if it is a girl she would be Deirdre, after his beautiful mother my granddaughter ! love your articles

  337. Marilyn Brecher says:

    The bear should be called “Paddy Paws.” Cute pattern

  338. denniele says:

    I believe he looks like a Sage O’Kelley! No matter what he will be called, he is adorable!

  339. He’s a handsome little fellow for sure, and I think Seamus suits him well! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  340. I like Wee Bonnie for the girl bear!

  341. Her name should be: Tilly —
    (from tuilleadh meaning “a supplement”) used to refer to an additional article or amount unpaid for by the purchaser, as a gift from the vendor.

    Perfect for this sweet bear since she will be a gift for some lucky member!

    Best of the day to you!

  342. Thanks for the adorable giveaway..I would call him Teddy O’Brian

  343. superstitches says:

    I like the name Erin. He is a cutie!

  344. Heather Borthwick says:

    Hi I think this beautiful wee bear should be called “Shamrock” for a girl but “Dermott” for a boy 🙂

  345. Heather Borthwick says:

    Hi I think this beautiful wee bear should be called “Shamrock ” for a girl and “Dermott” for a boy.

  346. I’d name him Donal, after a dear little Irish boy I once knew. Donal sounds so dashing, compared to the American Donald, don’t you think? (No offense intended to the Donald, Don, or Donnies out there.)

  347. Jeanne Jones says:

    Berrie O’Toole would be my pick.

  348. I think the name “Charries ” will suit him—-char for charming

  349. I love the bear!
    I’d call him Rory!

  350. I think he is a ‘Fergus’,, as soon as I saw him,, he shouted his name at me!!!

  351. I think his name should be Briar. He’s a cute wee bear, does he have any friends?

  352. His name should be “The Leprchan Bear”

  353. He/She is so adorable.. I’d call him Shillelagh…cos he’s green and Irish!!

  354. I love the little bear and would name him Ronan, a perfectly good Irish name for a perfectly cute little bear.

  355. I have been thinking hard. At 3 oclock this morning he was MINTY ( green ) then AMOS ( moss green ) but I think CLOVER suits him better now with his Irish St Patrick Day connections and being a lucky green bear. Take care now. Marion x

  356. Cathy Tomlinson says:

    Beautiful bear! If she is a girl teddy, then I think the name ‘Rose’ would be beautiful. If the teddy is to be a he then I think he should be called Rupert, he looks like a Rupert and reminds me of when my mum (Rose) would read to me every evening the tale of my other favourite bear: Rupert!

  357. cheri hage says:

    Cute little bear !! You could name him “Lucky” for the Luck o’ the Irish 🙂
    I also like “Flannigan”, “Wee Bear” or “Sprout” for a he-bear.

  358. I love the wee bear, and I like the name Erin. That’s my daughters name and she is a firery readhead and we have a bit of the Irish in us, as I am a redhead too!! Would love to win the “Wee Erin Bear”!!!


  359. Kitra Woodall says:

    So adorable 🙂 I like Wee Bairn-but spelled Wee Bearn. Thank you for love of stitching and for sharing your passion with us!

  360. Darlene W. says:

    What a cute st. pat’s bear–has a smile like my friend’s daughter–so I like the name Erin O’Leary fits her perfectly

  361. Jenny Fifer says:

    The name should be “Danny Boy”

  362. Susan Riley says:

    1st pop in the head: Dandelion McDougal!

  363. The name that comes to mind, Bryon Muskwa. My late husband’s name was Bryon, of Irish ancestry. Muskwa is a Cree word meaning Bear in my Cree language.
    thus , Bryon Muskwa (Bear)

  364. sandra pipitone says:

    I think O’ PATTY my boy is his name

  365. Sharon Meyer says:

    I think Sammy Shamrock would be a fine name for this adorable bear. Thank you for the chance to win

  366. Patsy Booher says:

    I think his name should be Patrick, in honor of the holiday! He’s such a dear little fellow!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  367. Janet Ferguson says:

    I think that he should be a ‘she’ and that she should be called Fern – because she’s green and she’s Irish and I just like the name Fern! Lovely website – thanks for all the freebies and giveaways.

  368. I like Mahony! Which according to a google search means bear in Irish. And it “almost” has the word “honey” in it. And we all know how bears love their honey 🙂

  369. Katherine Hawkes says:

    Such a precious little green bear should have a very distinguished, dapper name. I believe Asparagus fits him perfectly… one of a kind!! Be especially blessed.

  370. I’d like to suggest Danny Boy. He reminds me of a childhood toy given to me by my grandfather while sitting on his lap as he sang the song.

  371. rabbitquilter says:

    What a beautiful bear!! I think he should be called Shamus Shenanigan! If I was lucky enough to win him, he could come to watch rugby at the London/Irish St Patrick’s Party match with me!! Kind regards, Heather

  372. Pat Lafferty says:

    How about KELLY . When I look at this cuddly, I think of my daughter Kelly’s first toy which was a green bear.

  373. Pat Packard says:

    He looks like a MacBear to me.

  374. I think his name should be Padraig, after Ireland’s patron saint.

  375. Stephanie says:

    Hi Helen, I’d call him Cavan, which is Irish (gaelic) for ‘Handsome One’….he certainly is a handsome bear! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Stephanie x

  376. Catherine Etter says:

    I’m thinking Sammie, the Shamrock Bear Prince!!!!!!!

  377. Eire! I didn’t read through the 100’s of posts to see if this was already suggested.

  378. I really like the name Clooney – Derived from the Irish word cluain meaning “a green plain or pasture” or may mean “an intriguing rogue” – does “blarney” come into it?
    Plus doesn’t it make it think of George and who better to find at the end of the rainbow if the pot of gold has been stolen by a cheeky leprechaun.

  379. Nancy in Utah says:

    Oh my gosh, even at 63 years old, I adore stuffed animals. I am surrounded by them in my sewing room and each one has a special memory attached. This little guy is so, so adorable, since he is for St Patricks day, I would name him Patty O’Bear…Thanks for chance to have this cutie at my house, Hugs…

  380. Debra Lee says:

    Beery O’Malley sounds good to me!

  381. Gayle Steinohrt says:

    My daughter thinks he should be called “Patches”. He is adorable. Gayle

  382. I think he is such a cute little bear and very Irish looking…I would name him Guinness….it is a cute and manly name and he looks like somebody that would love to have fun drinking Guinness at a party!!!

  383. Sandy T. says:

    What a cutie patootie bear! But, who says it’s of the male persuasion? If she is indeed a girlie girl, why not name her Maiden Maureen?

  384. Shari Jensen says:

    I am also of the opinion that “he” could be a “she”. If “he” is a boy I would name him B. Gorrah (B. for Bear). If “she” is a girl I would name her Faith N. Begorrah. Thanks for the opportunity to win this darling bear.

  385. nicole j bideau says:

    Bear Grills is what I would call this awesome bear he is so cute and smushy thank you for the chance ttfn Nicole x

  386. Cute little bear. If it was to be a she I would call here Erin (my grandaughters name) and if it was to be a boy I would call him Paddy (my son). With our sir name Treacy, what better names could be had.

  387. Esther Fox says:

    I think he should be called Gerry 🙂

  388. HI !

    Happy saint patrick day to all.
    Im not really original but why not named this adorable bear simply…PAT ?

    Thanks for sharing your marvellous creation with us !

  389. Polka -dot Pat is a cute name for a cute bear.

  390. Leah Buckley says:

    I think the bear should be named Oakley, meaning ‘meadow’. Because Ireland is filled with beautiful green meadows xxx

  391. Pat Packard says:

    May I suggest the name Kelly McBear. Adorable.

  392. He’s a very smart bear who should be called, Paddy MacCready!

  393. Well, my favorite Irish name is Seamus (pronounced shay-mus for any unfamiliar with the name). There have been many, but we named our sweet Spanish Mastiff after the Irish Poet-Lauriate from Ireland. And our Seamus is the sweetest 140 pound lap dog you could ever meet.

  394. Sharne Gregory says:

    What a lush little bear! I would chose the name Ronan after Ronan Keating. I chose one of his songs for our first dance when I got re-married. This was the last family occaision I shared with my son before he was killed.

  395. He looks like a boy-bear! I should call him Roddy, after another famous McDowell.

  396. What a very sweet bear I think he should be called Finnigan . Happy St Patricks day

  397. This cute should be named Lilliput!

  398. Patricia Mason says:

    Hi Helen – I think I would call the bear “Primrose” – green is my favourite colour and you have picked such a lovely shade – it reminds me of the leaves with primroses and then the lovely spring yellow. thank you for all your designs they’re great.

  399. Marcy Mahle says:

    He is a cute little guy and I think his name should be Vermont

  400. Very cute. He looks like a Mint to me!

  401. Carla Rigel says:

    I think you should call him Mr. McShane. It just fits him.

    Love your newsletter!

  402. Raffaella says:

    I think its name should be Trifoglio (clover in Italian) 🙂


  403. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!
    That bear is so cute!
    I think you should call him “Patareco”.

  404. I think her name should be Henriette!

  405. He is adorable! I would call him Greensley. Thank you for the opportunity to win this darling softie.

  406. OH OH I would love love love this a bear collector he would fit right in!! I love the bear of course Im 100% Irish so I really love St.Patricks Day and anything to do with it! I think that Sir Shamikins or just Shamikins is a cute name for a St.Patricks Day bear…

  407. Mary L Pelikan says:

    I think she is a delightful bear, and should be called “Paddi” in honor of St. Patrick by her “wearin’ of the green”!

  408. I like Patty McBear, he’s very cute.

  409. Camille Beck says:

    I would like to suggest “OLIVER”. No, it’s really not an Irish name, but he looks a little… olive-tinged on my monitor 🙂

  410. I think his name should be “Thistle”…what’s more Irish than a field of irish thistle!!!

  411. How about Lucky?

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