A trip to Bath


If you had been in Oakhill early this morning you would have seen two very sleepy-looking fuzzy black dogs being marched around the village playing field - before they had been served their breakfast!  Yes, it was Daisy and Ben who were totally horrified by this outrageous event!  But we needed to … [Read more...]

We’re on the move!


We're on the move! It's so exciting! Although I love living here in Devon with our beautiful countryside and beaches, I am a very long way away from Rosie.  Now her wedding's over (it will soon be their first anniversary - I can hardly believe it) it's just me and the newfies here at Coombe Leigh … [Read more...]

Counting down and keeping busy …..

I have had the loveliest weekend away in Bath with Rosie and all her friends, enjoying her Hen Weekend.  That is to say, enjoying the parts deemed suitable for me to attend which definitely did not include clubbing until 3 am - I was tucked up in my cosy hotel bedroom very much earlier!  On Saturday … [Read more...]