Lunch Club Tea Party

by Helen on August 16, 2013

It’s lovely living in a small friendly community, where in general people know one another and where we are happy to keep an eye on our elderly and vulnerable neighbours.  

One of the nicest community schemes is our parish lunch club (I would say that, as I’m one of the organisers!) where we serve a home-cooked meal to around 30 local pensioners every Thursday lunch time during school terms.  We don’t meet in the holidays as many of our helpers have childcare responsibilities once the schools are out – but we are very conscious that, for at least some of our members, the lunch club is one of their few social activities during the week.  To try to compensate just a little, we hold our annual Tea Party in the middle of the summer holidays – and this year’s took place yesterday. Large quantities of sandwiches were prepared …

Lunch Club Party

 Brown and white bread – Hovis of course – and three sorts of fillings.  The village bunting had been booked weeks in advance as it is very much in demand at this time of year.  Other, less well-organised villages, who haven’t got together as we did to make their own, queue up to borrow it for their own fetes and parties.    

Lunch Club Tea Party

And it’s so much fun trying to spot your own flags – at fetes you often hear “Look, there’s grandpa’s old pyjamas!” or “It’s a bit of your dress from when you were six!”  But I digress… 

Lunch Club PartyThe sandwiches quickly disappeared, to be replaced by home made scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.  

Tea Party

 The helpers are great believers in quality control – it’s important to ensure that the scones are just right!!

Lunch Club Tea Party

All the cakes are homemade, and donated by the helpers.  I made some lemon cup cakes, but they hadn’t been put out yet when I took this picture. Somebody was wondering how many calories were on the kitchen counter – I dread to think!  But all too soon the afternoon was over and it was time to go home.  It wasn’t quite the end though – I was given a lovely slice of chocolate cake to take home with me and I scoffed it last night without sharing any with Ben and Daisy – much to their displeasure!  Delicious!  Then this morning, some work on another project for the September Bustle & Sew Magazine … 

A Nice PearA Nice Pear!



March Magazine and the theft of a toy….

by Helen on February 24, 2013

Yes, back in the garden again!  This time to take photos of the last project for the March Bustle & Sew magazine – published this Thursday – so yes, I’m cutting it fine, but I was quite determined to include this design as it would make a lovely no-calorie gift for Mother’s Day (celebrated next month over here). 

Star Baker Applique

I’ve decided to take all my pattern photographs in the summer house now – I’m trying to achieve a consistent Bustle & Sew “look” and I think the white walls make a nice uncluttered background, working well with all sorts of designs.  They also act almost like a giant white box, bouncing light around inside giving a nice bright feel to my photos.   This design was a lot of fun – combining freestyle machine embroidery with accents of hand stitching to give it a little something special.    

When I’d finished photographing my Star Baker project I thought I’d take some photos of some of my spring blooms.  The hellebores are particularly nice this year, but it’s fair to say that they’d have been even nicer if they hadn’t been trampled on by two sets of large furry paws!   


Sadly I only took a couple of shots because as I was advancing towards a particularly nice clump of daffodils,  I heard a commotion coming from behind me.  I turned around, and what did I see?

Mum!  Ben took my toy (1)

 Mum!  MUM!!  Ben took my new toy.  Make him give it back!  MAKE HIM GIVE IT BACK!!   What?!  You say we have to sort it out ourselves?  Right!  I’ll show that black furry lump what a determined young newfie can do!

Mum! Ben took my toy! (2)

 Right Big Bro!!  I may be small, but you don’t mess with me!  I’m gonna roll you over and jump on you!!  

Mum! Ben took my toy! (3)

 Yabba dabba doooooooooo!!!

Sorry I chopped the top of Daisy’s head off – I was laughing so hard it was hard to aim the camera!  It’s a good thing Ben is so very sweet natured and easygoing as he is about five times her size and could easily win any argument if he chose.  

And finally – here’s the cover for the March issue, I’ve tried to make it look spring-like, rather like my poor trampled garden.  

Bustle & Sew Magazine March 2013

 Hope you like it!