christmas in july

This is a post of three parts – though in the reverse order to the title above – so first the (temporarily) ugly.  Yes, that’s Master Benjamin who, although he is feeling much better, is looking extremely odd.  The vet had to shave his face fur around his eyes before his surgery and his eyelids are bristling with stitches that won’t be removed for another week.  He’s out and about again now and here he is earlier this morning …

phone pics 192

… enjoying a nice amble through the woods.  I am sure that if he could, he would want to join me in thanking all those lovely people who sent their best wishes for his speedy recovery.  Thank you all, your kind thoughts meant so much to us at a worrying time.

The second part of this post then, is the bad bit.  As I am lucky enough to have customers worldwide, but mostly in the USA, I set all the prices on my website in US dollars.  This in itself is absolutely fine, as PayPal or my other processor 2Checkout, do all the whizzy currency calculations for me and convert to sterling.  The problem is that for the last year the pound has been getting stronger – and that means that my income has been falling.  This time last year I was receiving 66p for every dollar, but now its more like 57p – a drop of 13%.  I’ve been able to absorb this drop up until now, but I simply can’t do so any more.  So I’m afraid that my prices will have to rise next month.

I feel really bad about having to do this so before then, and in honour of “Christmas in July”, here’s the last, and good, bit of this post …..


I’m having a Christmas in July sale with 25% off everything in my store except magazine subscriptions.

This will be the last opportunity to stock up on Bustle & Sew patterns at these prices, so please don’t miss out as the sale is for one week only.  Just pop across to my store now where I’ve opened up my Christmas patterns section too and enter code XMASJULY at checkout.



Keep Cool and think of Christmas!

by Helen on July 14, 2013

As the temperature soars outside, there’s a great way to keep cool ……

Keep Cool and think of Christmas!

 Plan your Christmas stitching!  Free newsletter readers will receive a 25% discount on all purchases from my website (except magazine subscriptions) for the next week.  This includes my Christmas e-book “Handstitched Christmas”  – a collection of 15 favourite Bustle & Sew Christmas designs from the past three years.

If you’re not a newsletter reader then you can join using the box at the end of this post – it’s absolutely free and I promise I never share your details with anyone else.  

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Little Blue Bunny

Thank you everyone for your patience – I have now worked the random number generator ….. and the winner is comment number 65:


Which means – if I have counted correctly – and I do hope that I have – the winner is Michelle.  Well done Michelle – I have emailed you.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and in particular those who gave me some ideas for new softies, I shall definitely be attempting to create at least some of them over the coming months.   

Fabric Deer Head

 Though I have to say that at present I am feeling a little topsy turvey here at Coombe Leigh.  This is because I have been thinking about Christmas – in particular “Christmas in July” – which is always a big event in the crafting blogosphere.  

Fabric Deer Head

This year I’m collecting together nearly all my Christmas patterns from the last three years into a single book.  I’m tweaking the older ones to bring them right up-to-date, as well as including one or two new designs.  I will of course include my Fabric Deer Head (he has turned out to be one of my most popular patterns ever!) and there will also be some  illustrations from Jacqui, including the one above.  Here’s a sneak preview of the cover for you……  

Christmas Collection

It’s no wonder then, that I’m feeling topsy-turvey with all this thinking about Christmas when there’s blossom on the apple trees and bluebells in the woods.  But Christmas in July isn’t that far away, just six weeks or so, which isn’t long when you’re trying to combine more than 20 patterns into a new book.  

Windy Day

Never mind .. Ben and Daisy will make sure that I take plenty of time out for trips to the beach and walks along the shore ….. all we need now is some more warm sunshine!  


Christmas in July: Amazing Pattern Sale

by Helen on July 6, 2012

The latest weather forecast is promising a month’s worth of rain in the next 24 hours!!  So before we sink beneath the rising waters I thought I would spend some time this morning listing Christmas patterns.  Then I thought … I’ll have a Christmas sale too  – so for one week only there is 30% off all Christmas patterns!! 


And the best value of all?  That’s my Christmas Collection – 15 patterns from the last two Christmases all bundled together for you. Normal price $12.50 – sale price $8.35!! 


 That works out at just over fifty cents for each pattern for one week only.

 So if you are very well organised (unlike me) and planning on starting your Christmas stitching before long, then don’t delay as my sale must finish on Saturday 14 July.  Just visit the seasonal section of my store to take advantage of this great offer.  (Note: prices shown on details page are the original prices – 30% discount will be deducted at checkout).

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