Just because …. Bear Snow Angel

snowbearseasons 004

I just love gadgets and widgets, from my new window cleaning hoover (it's tiny, yellow and the Newfies are (hilariously) terrified of it!) to a new gif-making widget I've discovered and applied to the photo of my Bear Snow Angel.  Now I've worked out how to do this there'll be no stopping me - I'm … [Read more...]

The fate of naughty pups!

dogheadscushion 018

This afternoon I decided to make a start on the Christmas decorations.  We'd been out for a nice walk earlier, though a little shorter than usual as Miss Daisy has a sore paw (nothing serious) so is taking it easy for a while.  I managed to hang my first garland and was feeling very pleased with … [Read more...]

Magazine Gift Subscription

Gift subscription

If you're looking for an original gift idea, have you considered a gift subscription to the Bustle & Sew Magazine? As well as 12 issues of the magazine, you'll receive a French Hen kit and pretty gift card to present to the lucky recipient.  The subscription doesn't start until they … [Read more...]