Normal service will be resumed ….

by Helen on March 21, 2014

As a child in the 1960’s and 70’s (when we only had three channels!) I remember that from time to time there would be a break in service and the test card would appear ….

I am sure other UK residents of a certain age will remember this happening – usually before your favourite programme – Blue Peter perhaps or Crackerjack?  But I digress…..  Normal blogging service will be resumed very soon indeed, but at the moment I am helping Rosie and Dan decorate their new home.  I am covered in emulsion and wallpaper paste and have decorator’s elbow (is there such a condition?  I’m not sure, but I know my arm is sore and tired after all the rollering and brushing).  

It’s such a pretty little cottage – I know they’ll both be very happy there.  But I must rush now …. I was given a only very short break indeed to come and catch up with Bustle & Sew – but I’m expected back very shortly to carry on painting the woodwork in the bedroom.  

I’ll be back at the weekend with a proper preview of the April magazine (out on Thursday!).  Lots inside, including my Woodland Alphabet Quilt, Running Hare and lots more too.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick peek at the cover for you – it’s very sunshiney and spring-like I think!

See you soon!!



A nice hot cup of tea

by Helen on July 5, 2013

I do enjoy a nice cup of tea.  This is one indulgence that is guilt-free (being English I am obliged to drink lots of tea), very nearly calorie-free and can be enjoyed either alone or, nicest of all, in the company of friends.  I have a perfectly sized teapot for just two cups, and on these lovely sunny afternoons can often be discovered working in the summer house with my trusty teapot close to hand.  But until recently there was a problem ….

Naked Teapot!

I am sure you can see instantly what the problem was – that my second cup of tea was never as hot as the first because – my teapot was naked! But not any longer as now my English Cottage tea cosy is finished ….

English Cottage Tea Cosy

Much better!  This cosy was inspired by those lovely vintage tea cosy cottages.  I’ve always liked them and haven’t seen any more modern versions – until now.  My 21st century version combines machine applique with some touches of hand embroidery – the flowers are all French knots with satin stitch leaves, and I chose icecream coloured fabric from Susie Watson for a very summery feel.  And then there’s the back …..

English Cottage Tea Cosy

 and the interior (I think I may have got a bit carried away – but I do love my teapot, and my sewing machine too)

English Cottage Tea Cosy

The pattern for my English Cottage tea cosy will be in the August issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more about the magazine – and claim your 50% subscriber’s discount on all purchase from my website, then please just CLICK HERE to find out more. 


The beach, the Newfie and a photoshoot

by Helen on July 11, 2012

Never take a Newfie ....

 Calm and serene… a row of Coastguard’s cottages stand guard on the shingle beach … but wait a minute…. 

Never take a Newfie ....

“Hello, hello, what have we here?”

Never take a Newfie ....

“Never seen these on the beach before!  Is anyone in there?”  

Never take a Newfie ....

“Come on out .. I know you’re in there” (Waiting to pounce) 

Never take a Newfie ....

OK, bored now – going to swim.   Bye Mum, I’ll be in the sea if you want me!

And the moral is .. never take your Newfie on a photoshoot!!  Coastguard cottages for the August e-zine.