A year in the life of ….. Daisy!!

by Helen on January 2, 2014

Following on from my last post – today I took the dogs to the vet’s for their booster shots, and then realised that tomorrow it will be exactly a year since I brought Miss Daisy home.  A year since the house was peaceful and quiet … a year since sewing/knitting/sandwiches or anything at all really could safely be left unattended.  Although she has improved a lot, de-stuffing my Coastguard’s Cottages draught excluder remains a favourite occupation.  The cottage at the end has been re-stitched several times and is definitely suffering from subsidence!

I would like to be able to type that she has grown and changed from a silly little puppy into a mature sensible young dog.  However I cannot.   I am afraid that I must type that she has grown and changed from a silly little puppy into an even sillier and totally not mature young dog.  But she is so sweet-natured and loving it’s hard to remain cross with her for very long, whatever her latest misdeed might be.  So here is Daisy’s year in pictures ….


 With her much loved big brother never too far from her side.  Happy Anniversary Daisy – here’s to the next 12 months!



A chilly walk … and the April Magazine

by Helen on March 23, 2013

Brrrr ….. I am reliably informed by my trusty radio that we are experiencing the coldest March for 50 years!  It certainly feels like it – and just lately I have been wishing that I owned hamsters, gerbils, a goldfish or anything at all that doesn’t need a walk!  But … I don’t and so, because I love my dogs, I wrapped up warm and we set off on our daily expedition.  Ben’s paw is much improved – unlike the weather which was grey and misty with a biting wind – and both dogs were feeling very cheerful all wrapped up in their woolly black coats! 


 With no zips or buttons to let in the cold air!  As we walked, the mist grew more dense …. 


 …. the air grew colder – and then we came to the muddy part of the path ….. 


 … and it started to rain!  So I regret to report that at this point I wimped out – and said to the newfs (who were revelling in the conditions – you can see here that Daisy is up to her knees in mud and ooze) “We’re going home now.”  So we did … and I was delighted to return to my warm spot next to the Aga to thaw my frozen fingers and toes!


 Can you spot the cushion on my chair?  That’s from last month’s magazine – and very comfy it is too!  Which sort of brings me to the second part of this post – what’s in the April magazine.  Lots and lots is all I can say! 

Bustle & Sew Magazine April 2013

 As well as all the Bustle & Sew projects, Rosie makes a welcome return with some totally scrumptious Creme Egg brownies for Easter, there’s an interview with the talented (and award-winning) Ruth Bowman of Flutter-by-Bears who also shares some bear-making tips – and loads more too.  And as always, the end of the month is a great time to subscribe because for your first payment (just $1!) you will receive the March issue straight away – together with the April magazine when it’s published next week. 

Bustle & Sew Magazine March 2013

 And your free copy of  ” The Stitcher’s Companion too!”


 Super-bargain time!!  And perfect to snuggle down in the warm and enjoy – whilst planning your Easter stitching!  To learn more and subscribe just CLICK HERE.  


Ben is a very sociable kind of dog with lots of canine friends, some  large, and some  small.  They may be fluffy or they may be smooth, with long legs or short, curly tails or straight ones – all with shiny wet noses. But one of his very best friends is Jacqui’s little dog, Lionel.  

Ben & Lionel

Lionel is very young still, and looks up (literally!) to Ben, wanting to share in everything he does …..

Ben & Lionel

“What’s that you’ve found Ben – can I see?”

Ben & Lionel

“It’s a stick – a nice fat chewy one, can I have it?”

Ben & Lionel

Pleeeeaasseeeee …. you know it’s good to share!”

Ben & Lionel

” Mum … Ben won’t share with me!  I know, I’ll have to find my own…”

Ben & Lionel

Ben (trying to keep an eye on Lionel)  ”Peace at last!”

They are just so funny together – and the best of friends.  Which inspired the first patterns in my new collaboration with the amazingly talented Jacqui (remember her kittens?) featuring  the naughty pair ..

Less scary with a friend...

Simple, but so lovely – and just the right size to frame in a 6″ hoop.  Great for newbies, or if you’re more experienced they’ll take just a single evening to stitch – the first two designs took me about 4 hours each … 

No ships like ...

They’ll be coming soon to the Bustle & Sew website as part of a new range of patterns – SewFlapdoodle at Bustle & Sew.  I need to write up the patterns and re-organise my shop a little – this shouldn’t take too long and I hope to be able to list them in the next week or so.  I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re available.  Jacqui and I are both keeping our fingers crossed hoping you like them .. please do let us know what you think!