All kinds of things ……


Today has been a very busy and varied sort of day.  Yesterday I spent most of the day helping Rosie with her front garden - which I must say is beginning to look rather nice.  Dan and Freddie came to keep the Newfies company while I was busy, and as he was able to report that they had been VERY GOOD … [Read more...]

Christmas is coming ….


Yes, today we get to open the first door on our Advent Calendar! When I was very young my parents didn't have much money (and were in any case of the Make Do and Mend generation, having grown up during the war years), so the same Advent calendar came out each year, with the cardboard doors carefully … [Read more...]

Lots of excitement and a big “thank you”


There's been a lot of excitement here at Bustle & Sew HQ today!  Some of it because Rosie and Dan came for lunch, bringing Tilly with them.  Daisy and Tilly are the best (and silliest!) of dog friends, so there was lots of leaping about ..... After a while Ben clambered onto the sofa out … [Read more...]