Out in the Garden: Free Printable for you

by Helen on April 28, 2013

At last – I think spring has finally sprung here in South Devon, so this week I’ve been looking around my garden – assessing the havoc and mayhem caused by both the excessive rainfall/prolonged cold weather and two very naughty newfies with large paws and inquisitive natures!  

curlyandcarrotbunnies 040

 The entrance to Ben’s den where they both like to hang out!

I am sorry to say that Daisy is a bit of a digger!  She started her first hole in the border whilst still very young and it didn’t originally amount to much.  However, over the last week or so she has enlarged it considerably and started not one, but two additional excavations which are much more impressive!  Ben, on the other hand, does not like to dig – he enjoys pruning and snipping much more – and has been working hard on enlarging his “den” hidden in the hedge at the end of the garden where he can peer through the fence and monitor the activities of my lovely next-door neighbours! 


Luckily my baby courgettes are well out of the reach of their large furry paws and inquisitive whiskery faces!

My friend Jacqui, of Flapdoodle Designs is a passionate gardener – and has put together a free printable for everyone who loves their gardens – whether as keen diggers, pruners and planters – or simply sitting and enjoying the sunshine and flowers (I’m hopeful that this year we’ll have a good summer and there will be lots of sunshine and flowers!).  

Gardener's Notebook

 It’s a lovely gardener’s notebook, with nice clear lined pages for each month of the year – and some of Jacqui’s lovely illustrations too …

Gardener's Notebook

Jacqui’s giving away her Gardener’s Notebook printable to everyone on her free newsletter list.  So if you’d like your own copy then just CLICK HERE to receive her free newsletter and receive your free printable Gardener’s Notebook.   And, like me, Jacqui promises never to share your email address with anyone else.



Exciting day tomorrow!

by Helen on November 21, 2012

Or … an alternative title … how Ben is going to be totally disgusted with the new addition to our home!   This is because we have decided to invest in a wood burning stove to toast our toes during the chilly winter months.  Our central heating is oil-fired and has become more and more expensive to run but – we live in a rural area and nice, well-seasoned logs are in plentiful (and cheap) supply.  We do have an open fire, but tend to light it only at the weekends, whereas a stove can remain lit all day needing, hopefully, much less attention than the fire. 


 Our fireplace

 Ben will not be happy that we’ve acquired a stove.  Like all of his breed, he has an exceptionally thick and woolly coat.  This means that, even in the depths of winter, he loves to stretch out on the cool slates of the hall floor, totally ignoring his lovely cosy bed strategically positioned just under the radiator. Although a cold draught often blows under our front door (the perils of old houses), I have never needed a draught-excluder  as he loves to lie with his spine along the bottom of the door – effectively stopping any chill air from entering the hallway.   Amy was just the same – and it was so funny watching her when we lit the fire – she would start off stretched out on the rug in front of the fireplace, then as the heat built, would edge further and further away until she could stand it no longer and, casting many reproachful looks at the basking humans, would take herself off to cool down in the hall!  

As tomorrow (when the stove is arriving) is likely to be busy, I thought I’d take a moment today to show you the completed embroidery for my 2013 Journal Cover pattern.  It’s going to be in the December magazine next week ….

Rosie & Bear Journal Cover

… and shows an apple orchard through the seasons of the year.  I need to add some patchwork borders and make up the actual cover before I take more photos.  I thought it would be a nice sort of project to stitch over the Christmas Holidays ready for the New Year.

 And finally – while thinking about  holidays – I would like to wish all my readers in the US a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!