January Magazine Out Tomorrow!


Christmas is behind us now, and so is Freddie's birthday party which took place on the 26th.  It was a HUGE success ..... Spot my sausage rolls haha!! And I must say I think Rosie surpassed herself with the zebra-themed decorations!  But Freddie's birthday too is past, and now it's time to … [Read more...]

The Christmas Issue!

Bustle & Sew Magazine

I'm so excited!!  I know there's still more than a month to go, but I absolutely love this time of year as we start the build up to the Big Day!! Everyone has their own traditions about when Christmas really properly begins and for me for the last six years for me it has been the day when the … [Read more...]

Reindeer, bunting and a pug!

Pug Head

What a nightmare this last week has been - for IT issues that is!  As you may know, our site fell over completely last Monday and though our IT wizards managed to get it up and running again by the weekend, we've still been experiencing glitches. Email has only just come back online, so if you've … [Read more...]

Changing seasons….


It's a bit discombobulating (Don't you just love that word?! I know it only means confused, but it's somehow so much fun!) to have returned from Mallorca where it's still high summer to early autumn here in the Mendip Hills just south of Bath.  I was delighted to discover that the tomato plants in … [Read more...]