It’s (nearly) here – the January magazine!

jollyrobin 009a

Wow!  It's Christmas Eve already - tonight's THE BIG ONE - though these days I am not woken at 4 am by Rosie's excited squealing, but instead am able to enjoy a more leisurely awakening before the day properly gets underway.  The run up to this Christmas has been even busier than usual, with my … [Read more...]

What Kate Baked


Another rather lovely feature that Rosie has introduced into our new-look magazine is the baking corner.  Rosie has always loved to bake and when I visit there's almost always something yummy waiting to be sampled.  And this year, along with my Chocolate Log, I'm very much hoping to discover the … [Read more...]

There’s always one …


There's always one .... and it's always Daisy!  Although Daisy has the sweetest, happiest, most loving nature, she has to be the clumsiest dog I've ever owned.  She has been known to trip over her own front paws and land on her nose, is totally unco-ordinated and has the most peculiar gait - rather … [Read more...]