newfoundland puppy

Daisy’s First Christmas

by Helen on December 28, 2013

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words – and this one, I think, says it all …..

Daisy's first Christmas!Daisy had a wonderful Christmas and is eagerly anticipating next year when she can do it all over again!




Purple Daisy(!)

by Helen on September 18, 2013


 Daisy was desperate to be a flower girl at Rosie’s wedding – until she discovered what she’d have to wear!


Ben behaved badly …..

by Helen on February 5, 2013


 “Mum!  I cannot believe it – Ben took my biscuit! He stuck out his long pink tongue and sucked it up!

He is a BAD Big Brother – Make him give it back – NOW!!”


Yesterday was Rosie’s birthday. She and Dan had a great day out at the Making of Harry Potter ….. 


Although I did help her learn to drive, I do not think this particular driving technique was included in her tuition!  They had a great time, and Rosie came home with her very own Dumbledore wand.  Sadly I do not think waving it will help me finish tidying my work room!  But I have made a good start…..  

My Workroom

My cupboard has been sorted out and look !  You can see the carpet, which is quite a novelty!  Charlie the Patchwork Elephant presides proudly over my well-organised space  and the chair with the blanket is my computer desk chair.  Behind the closed door is my sewing area – but I am afraid this is not at all sorted and tidied yet, so is certainly far too messy to show (I am ashamed).  Instead let’s sit at my desk … 

My Workroom

A few familiar projects – my one remaining Cotton Spool Mouse (the others found kind new homes) – but I did discover one kit when I was tidying – please do email me (  if you would like it – $15 plus postage.   Then there’s my Fabric Deer Head and the Bustle & Sew Calendar too.  Up on the shelf over my desk is the lovely little Japanese doll my Dad brought home from one of his many overseas trips when I was just a little girl…. loved and treasured for many years.  And my little polar bear embroidery …..

My Workroom

 all in French knots – I spent many happy hours in the gazebo one summer creating this sleepy young fellow – when Ben was young ….

Baby Ben

Aaaahhhh.. so cute, so small – and, even then, so (just a little bit) slobbery!   It’s been quite a few birthdays since Ben was that small!