A year in the life of ….. Daisy!!

by Helen on January 2, 2014

Following on from my last post – today I took the dogs to the vet’s for their booster shots, and then realised that tomorrow it will be exactly a year since I brought Miss Daisy home.  A year since the house was peaceful and quiet … a year since sewing/knitting/sandwiches or anything at all really could safely be left unattended.  Although she has improved a lot, de-stuffing my Coastguard’s Cottages draught excluder remains a favourite occupation.  The cottage at the end has been re-stitched several times and is definitely suffering from subsidence!

I would like to be able to type that she has grown and changed from a silly little puppy into a mature sensible young dog.  However I cannot.   I am afraid that I must type that she has grown and changed from a silly little puppy into an even sillier and totally not mature young dog.  But she is so sweet-natured and loving it’s hard to remain cross with her for very long, whatever her latest misdeed might be.  So here is Daisy’s year in pictures ….


 With her much loved big brother never too far from her side.  Happy Anniversary Daisy – here’s to the next 12 months!



Daisy’s Birthday Pawty

by Helen on November 10, 2013

Yesterday was a very special day – it was Miss Daisy’s first birthday, and Rosie, her number one fan, decided that we should mark the occasion with a canine birthday pawty!  They spent the morning baking …

Daisy's Birthday Pawty

….a  whole pile of crunchy peanut butter treats, as well as a doggy birthday cake …

Daisy's BirthdayBefore long it was time for the birthday girl to put on her pawty hat ….

Daisy's Birthday

As her special guest was about to arrive – the extremely handsome Lionel ..

Daisy's Birthday Pawty

Whilst the youngsters played and the humans chatted  (Daisy was sure Lionel was laughing at her hat!), Ben just wanted to sample the cake …Daisy's Birthday Pawty

 Not long to wait Ben!  Light the candle and join in the singing .. Happy Birthday Miss Daisy, Happy Birthday to you.


 But all too soon the pawty came to an end and it was time for Lionel to go home. Everyone, especially Daisy, had a wonderful time.

Daisy's Birthday PawtyHappy first birthday, Daisy.  We hope you had a pawfect day!!



An Autumn Afternoon

by Helen on October 5, 2013

The rain clouds have all blown away and today was a wonderfully warm, mellow autumnal day.  The newfies love this time of year – all their summer lethargy disappears – and they eagerly anticipate their daily outings.  Today we visited Snapes Point, always a favourite  …. 

An autumn expedition

 We don’t actually live very far from Snapes Point as the crow flies, but because the estuary meanders between the hills, disappearing into innumerable little creeks and inlets, it takes us about half an hour to reach the car park.  Then Ben’s first through the gate ….

An autumn expedition

 The field where we went blackberrying last month has all been ploughed now, and there are far fewer boats in the creek than we saw just a few weeks ago…..

An autumn expedition

 A very autumnal feeling – lots of little mushrooms scattered across the fields …..

An autumn expedition

 I’m not very good at identifying fungi, so when we got home I consulted my books …. 

An autumn expedition

Rather old – positively vintage in fact – but I’m sure that fungi won’t have changed that much!  I didn’t find my little mushrooms though since, as usual, I became distracted by the illustrations, so much work – such detail and lovely colours.  I much prefer botanical illustrations to photographs …

An autumn expedition

 Wonderful!  But I am good at identifying different hips, haws and berries in the hedgerows and was delighted to discover an abundance of beautiful scarlet rose hips.  I gathered nearly 2 lbs, and intend to try making my Auntie Joyce’s rose hip jelly tomorrow …. 

An autumn expedition

 But tonight we all have tired legs, feet and paws – so it’s an evening in front of the TV for us.  Should we choose Strictly Come Dancing (my preference) or another rerun of The Wonder of Dogs (as preferred by Daisy?!)?  

An autumn expeditionSorry Daisy – I’m in charge of the remote – so it’s Strictly tonight I’m afraid!!


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A horrible experience

by Helen on July 9, 2013

I had planned to tell you all about my lovely weekend.  The fantastic summer weather continues and our parish fete at Stokenham was a great success …. 

At the parish fete

 … lazy lunches in the summer house …..

Where's Mine?

 … and a new young Blackbird family have moved into our hedge….

Mother Blackbird

 But yesterday evening, as I took the Newfies for a walk in Brooking Wood, just a little way from home, we had a horrible experience.  We were strolling along the path together, with Daisy leading the way as usual, whilst Ben brought up the rear of our procession in a very stately manner.  Then suddenly, from nowhere, a Rottweiler burst out of the undergrowth snarling and growling – and started to attack Daisy.  She was terrified – she is quite large now, but at 8 months still just a baby – and a baby of a very non-agressive breed too.  She tried to flee, but it had hold of her back and was beginning to drag her down.  I could hear the owner somewhere in the distance shouting “Get here you b***** f******!” but of course it took no notice.  

Luckily help was at hand – Daisy somehow managed to wriggle free, and then a huge black furry shape bristling with anger charged into the fray and pushed himself between his baby sister and the Rottweiler.  It was Ben!!  I did not know he could be so scary – he was clearly absolutely determined that no Rottweiler was going to hurt his Daisy.  He was growling and somehow puffed himself up so he looked even more enormous.  (and at around 170 lbs he was big to start with)  He didn’t attack though – just demonstrated the classic Newfie behaviour of putting himself between the loved one and the threat.  The Rottweiler looked uncertain, but just as I think it was going to launch itself at Ben, the owner appeared, grabbed it and started to wallop it with the lead.  I was then able to comfort and reassure Daisy who was shaking with shock and fright, as well as suggesting to the owner that a leash and muzzle would be appropriate when walking this dog – imagine (1) if I hadn’t had Ben and (2) if it had been a child that was attacked.  Muttering something to himself the owner dragged the dog away.

Strete Gate

 You wait for me little one

 Fortunately Daisy wasn’t harmed – her thick woolly coat – and Ben of course – saved her, and when we returned home there were extra treats all round – and a glass of wine for me!  Today I took them to the beach in the early morning cool .. no Rottweilers there …. 

Strete Gate

 You check that way and I’ll look over there

 And it’s good to know that Daisy can rely on her Big Bro to keep her from harm’s way (even though he thinks she is very annoying a lot of the time!)

Strete Gate

 You’re safe with me little sister!

 Well done Ben!