Too much colour?


I do so LOVE colour!  But I am wondering .... have I gone a bit too far in my latest project?  Let me explain ..... A couple of years ago I completed my first-ever large quilting project - a cover for my bed using the "quilt as you go" technique.  I so love this quilt, even though it's full … [Read more...]

Winter’s Comfort Quilt

I've finished my Winter's Comfort Quilt!  And, judging by the wind, rain and darkness outside my windows tonight, not a moment too soon!   There are seven snowflakes - completely reworked  from an early 20th century design by Nancy Page and ornamented with tiny mother-of-pearl buttons for just a … [Read more...]

Patchwork project finished.

Today has been warm and sunny - and also very humid - not the best day for finishing off my patchwork door curtain project with its woolly blanket interlining.  But I have been determined to complete it before beginning new projects for the September issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I know … [Read more...]