by Helen on June 28, 2014



You may think from the title of this post that I am talking about Daisy – and her love of stealing my footwear!  She doesn’t damage it – just lies quietly and sucks on the laces – which are then of course all soggy and horrible when I retrieve my boots or plimsolls from her determined grasp.  But in fact I am talking about the snaffler-in-chief – my daughter Rosie!  She and her boyfriend Dan are here for the Bank Holiday weekend and, as always Rosie has been having a good rummage through my cupboard!  I wouldn’t let her snaffle my Great British picnic blanket (pattern in June issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine) – I have visions of myself using it on sunny summer afternoons …

Great British Picnic Blanket

 And anyway, she already has the patchwork one I made for her last month!  She did however manage to acquire another June issue project – my Naughty Kitten wip pouch …

Naughty Kitty: Work in Progress Pouch

 Arguing very persuasively that it would be absolutely perfect for carrying her crochet around with her ….. 

Naughty Kitty: Work in Progress Pouch

I had envisaged carrying my embroidery around in it, but she’s right, it will work well for crochet too.   I’ll simply have to make myself another!  Then Rosie noticed my current work in progress ….

Candy Cotton Rose Mirror

Some candy pink satin stitch roses destined to form the border for a small mirror – another pattern for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine .  She has reserved the finished article, assuring me that it will be perfect to sit on the chest of drawers in her bedroom.  I think next time she comes I will have to hide all my stitching from her!!

The snaffler-in-chief and me!!


Cooking … not stitching….

by Helen on June 3, 2012

Since the publication of June’s magazine on Thursday there hasn’t been much stitching happening at all .. too much cooking and Jubilee excitement!!  After I pressed the button on my laptop to send the magazine out to subscribers, I quickly walked Ben and then set off to the Parish Hall. 

I am one of the organisers of our OAP’s lunch club which meets every Thursday to serve 40 local pensioners with a home cooked lunch and lots of good company.   And Thursday was our Jubilee lunch.  We decorated the hall, and asked all our members to wear red, white and blue in honour of the occasion  …

Jubilee Lunch 2

 Doesn’t it all look lovely?!  The menu was Coronation Chicken (of course!), Cold Roast Beef, assorted salads with minted new potatoes and Eton Mess –  a very British meal.  We started with the Loyal Toast and I played the piano for the National Anthem at the end.

Jubilee Lunch 1

It was great fun!  This weekend Rosie and Dan are staying with us as it’s a long Bank Holiday weekend.  Rosie is very excited about her new recipe page – coming in next month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine, so we decided to do some baking, just as we used to when she was very young.  Rosie made sausage rolls …

Sausage Rolls

Great for taking on a picnic – which is her theme for her first “Rosie’s Recipes.”  Then there was some pastry left over so of course we had to make her childhood favourite …. jam tarts….

Jam Tarts

 This (obviously) is before they went into the oven.  I left the room for only a few moments when they came out – and by the time I returned only a couple remained.  Clearly their appeal has remained well into adulthood!!  And then I made a Bakewell Tart – just like my mum used to …

Bakewell Tart

 We’ll have it for tea tonight.  Bakewell tart is a pastry case, spread with jam and filled with an almond sponge and is delicious with cream or custard. 

Finally –  I can’t finish this post without showing you a picture of the ever-helpful Ben.  At this point he was about to be forcibly removed from the kitchen – his nose is on a level with the work surfaces and he was edging far too close to the sausage rolls!!

Rosie and Ben

 And yes, that is flour on his face!  Naughty dog!