A quick glimpse ….

That is to say, two sorts of quick glimpses...   The first .... looking out from the skylight at the top of my house I caught a glimpse of pink at the end of my garden.  Intrigued I pulled on my wellies and went up the old stone steps to investigate.  I was delighted to find that the fat green buds … [Read more...]

A walk to Batson Creek

We had a lovely walk earlier this week, down to Batson Creek - a tidal inlet at the top of the estuary just across the water from Salcombe.  It was a still and frosty morning and the water was completely flat (although not still, I watched the edge very carefully and could see the tide rising little … [Read more...]

Ben’s birthday walk …

Note:  This is the printable birthday bunting that I'm giving away with the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine on Thursday. Here at Coombe Leigh we are all very patriotic - and would like to wish everyone a very happy St George's Day.  But as far as one member of the family is concerned, … [Read more...]