A quick glimpse ….

by Helen on February 22, 2014

That is to say, two sorts of quick glimpses…  

The first …. looking out from the skylight at the top of my house I caught a glimpse of pink at the end of my garden.  Intrigued I pulled on my wellies and went up the old stone steps to investigate.  I was delighted to find that the fat green buds on my early flowering camellia had burst into brilliant bloom – and so I simply had to bring some indoors to enjoy …..

Pink Camellias

 They’re the same pink as my newly painted chair!  I’m in the middle of redecorating my kitchen in honour of Rosie & Dan’s wedding later this  year and was inspired by the lovely ice cream candy colours used at the Winking Prawn beach restaurant in Salcombe where I took them for Rosie’s birthday lunch ….. 

Winking Prawn Salcombe

 Will be sure to post pictures when it’s all finished!  And the second quick glimpse …. just a peek at the cover of the new issue of the Bustle & Sew eMagazine – that’s the March issue – to be published on Thursday….

I think it’s rather pretty (though I say so myself) and I do hope you’ll enjoy the projects.  I haven’t quite finished putting the preview together yet (my pesky slow internet is holding things up), but I’ll post it tomorrow so you can have a proper look at the contents.  

And finally …. I can’t possibly post about decorating without including a picture of my canine “helper” ….

Daisy helps with the painting!

 Yes .. it’s that naughty Miss Daisy – complete with pink streak!



A walk to Batson Creek

by Helen on November 29, 2013

We had a lovely walk earlier this week, down to Batson Creek – a tidal inlet at the top of the estuary just across the water from Salcombe.  It was a still and frosty morning and the water was completely flat (although not still, I watched the edge very carefully and could see the tide rising little by little) 

Batson Creek in November

 So very peaceful now all the visitors have left, no more sound of outboard motors, children squealing and playing and general noise and activity.  The summer months are full of life and activity, whilst in contrast, in the winter everywhere is quiet and deserted.  This is especially true of Salcombe where a very large proportion of houses in the town are second homes or holiday lets that stand empty through the colder months.  But the emptiness is great for the newfies who enjoy being free of my summertime anxiety about their upsetting nervous children and small dogs – sometimes just because they’re big and black! 

Batson Creek in November

Batson can be very muddy, there’s a steep path through National Trust woodland down to the creek, with a stream that has to be forded (or in Daisy’s case splash through once, turn around, dive through it a second time and finally run up and down it before leaping out and shaking wet fur – just as I am about to cross!).  Dogs are supposed to be under control Miss Daisy!

Batson Creek in November

 But this time we didn’t see a single person on our walk so Daisy’s naughtiness didn’t matter.  When we reached the creek the tide was coming in ….

Batson Creek in November

 So there just had to be swimming! (Them not me)

And afterwards back up the hill again to the car park.  Love these seedheads – one day I WILL get around to stitching some!

Batson Creek in November



Ben’s birthday walk …

by Helen on April 23, 2013

Printable Birthday Bunting

Note:  This is the printable birthday bunting that I’m giving away with the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine on Thursday.

Here at Coombe Leigh we are all very patriotic – and would like to wish everyone a very happy St George’s Day.  But as far as one member of the family is concerned, 23rd April is very important for quite a different reason!  No, not Shakespeare’s birthday (though it is), but Ben’s birthday – the big fellow is SIX today!!  And so, in honour of this very special event, we went on an especially favourite walk this morning.  Luckily the day dawned fine and bright ….

Ben's Birthday Walk

 We parked at the top of the hill opposite Salcombe in the little car park at East Portlemouth.  The view is amazing – right across the estuary and as far as Dartmoor in the distance on a clear day.  But I wasn’t allowed to linger – my two furry friends were keen to set off …

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Down, down, down – the path through the woods … can you see the impatient black shapes just disappearing around the bend in the path?  I hope they’ve remembered that we’ll have to climb up again at the end of the walk!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Hmmmm … which way shall we go – beach only – I think!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Here we are – and nobody else in sight.  A private beach for Ben on his birthday!  The newfies rush ahead of me now ….

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Anxious to dive into the water!  This is a lovely safe sandy beach that shelves very gently so is ideal for Daisy to practise her swimming skills.  Ben pretends he doesn’t know her!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 There’s a stream to paddle in too.  Lovely cool fresh water – nice and clean too – great for thirsty canines!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 What a wonderful walk – we came back across Mill Bay and turned up the steps to East Portlemouth at the Venus Cafe… we didn’t stop for an icecream today though.

Ben's Birthday Walk

And the steep climb back to the car.

Happy Birthday Ben!