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Rosie visited this weekend so we took the dogs to the beach (of course!) Daisy is quite determined to keep up with her Big Brother, bustling along with her little short legs and round puppy body as he charges ahead trying to pretend that she’s nothing to do with him!  But even a little canine whirlwind has to rest sometimes and Rosie (who has endless patience with her camera) snapped this wonderful shot of a sleepy puppy….

Daisy takes a break

Every picture tells a story!



What are these all kinds of ?

by Helen on November 20, 2012

Sideways ….. in-your-face ….. lashing against the windows….. drifting like mist …. stair-rods…. cats and dogs ….. hammering down ….. beating on the skylight ….. getting under your brolly…..  have you guessed yet?

Yes, it’s that frequent visitor to south Devon:


It is simply pouring down.  I’m so pleased that although it was overcast, it remained dry while Rosie was here and on Friday we took a picnic to the beach.  Rosie also took quite a few photos of the furry one (she is his biggest fan) and sent me this shot – spot the tennis ball he is clutching in his mouth!

I think it was supposed to be more of an action shot – we tried to encourage Ben to gallop across the sand, but he preferred more of a stately trot as you can see!  But we had great fun and luckily all the smelly seaweed had washed away again so there was no repeat of the rolling incident!  The upside to the dreadful weather we’re experiencing today though, is that I have been able to spend a guilt-free morning stitching – and with the next issue of the Bustle & Sew magazine out next week, I needed to spend some time finishing off this month’s projects. …

Christmas Dove Wreath

I think felt comes into its own at Christmas – such lovely cheerful colours and so easy to use – no fraying at the edges or worries about joining seams on the bias.  I have used just three colours of felt in my Christmas Dove wreath, plus some hand embroidery details… 

Christmas Dove Wreath

It’s really easy to make and as it’s all hand-stitching it’s a great project to snuggle down with in the evenings.  Sorry about the poor dreadful photo quality in this image – I had to put the light on in the summer house to get any sort of photo as it’s so dark and grey here – but it shows the general idea.  I’ll take some better pictures when the sun comes out again!  

PS – the sun has come out at the end of the day and this is a much nicer picture – I think!

Christmas Dove Wreath