A case of theft: Flora the Elephant

We’re well into the New Year now – in fact I’m not sure you could really describe 2019 as “new” any more!  Christmas is just a distant memory, though the effects of all that feasting and merriment are still lingering around my waistline.  The days are growing just a little longer now – when I was researching facts for the January Almanac in this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine I was pleased to note that by the end of this month daylight hours will have increased by over an hour – and though spring isn’t yet upon us, there are snowdrops in abundance all around the village where I live.
Returning to the magazine, there’s lots inside to enjoy this month, and you can find out more over in our store.
But now I must come to not such a pleasant part of this post – the theft of one of our patterns/images.  Many readers may remember my Flora the Elephant sewn from some delicious 1930s fabric – and Flora has been an amazingly popular free pattern for – well – quite a few years now.  Here is my Flora above – standing next to a pile of fabric destined for a limited edition Flora kit that we offered probably about 19 months ago.
And below – is my Flora again – being offered for sale by a totally unknown and unauthorised website.  (thank you to the kind reader who pointed this out to me)
I am super-annoyed about this!  Rosie has contacted them about this but to to date has not received any response, so please please don’t purchase Flora from them – she was a gift from me to everyone who loves to sew – and if you don’t have her pattern already, then here’s a link to download it now.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE Flora the Elephant pattern
And finally, if you haven’t already entered – we’re holding a giveaway here the blog for one of our super-popular Rosie’s Houseplants kits.  It’s free to enter and if you’d like to learn more please just CLICK HERE for all the details.


Angele Carter

Hi, this is Angele (Fabric And Ink). I have also had two different Russian Etsy shops sell patterns of my designs and I was furious. This is NOT ok. In my case, both shops disappeared. They were selling patterns for work I recognized from other makers too so I guess it all caught up with them. I really hope you get this taken down. I am so angry on your behalf. ugh.


Oh Angele, I’m so sorry to hear that but so pleased both shops were removed from Etsy. This seller seems to be an ongoing problem and is selling patterns from other makers too, as well as many vintage patterns. Not a single pattern in her shop belongs to her! Fingers crossed her site won’t be around for much longer…and thank you for your support xx


I too, have had patterns stolen and have seen many sold on Etsy that are not original patterns at all! it annoys me to see that a lot of people still do this, and if called out, they ignore it. I am sorry that this happened to you!


Thank you so much for your message Stephanie, I’m so sorry that it’s happened to you too! It’s a shame that these things happen, especially as our Flora pattern is a free gift from us to our readers xx


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