More naughtiness and thoughts of January

Thanks to everyone who left comments about my VERY NAUGHTY DOGS.  I am pleased to report that the decorations are now up, though Ben has already proved that he can remove not one ….. not two …. but three ornaments from the tree with only a single swish of his tail!  And I have a special tip for other dog owners – never leave your canine companion unattended in the same room as a bag of imitation snow! (Yes, that would have been Miss Daisy).  So when I had finished hoovering (!) I thought a suitable punishment would be …..

dogsxmas 009

… making her wear her Santa hat. Look at that face – she is totally unrepentent and feeling very cross with me for spoiling her fun!  But the decorations are looking rather nice, it’s fun finding places for old favourites in our new home.  The little Carol Singing mouse looks rather nice surrounded by fairy lights ….


And I have hung all my garlands too.

dogsxmas 002

Along with all of this I have of course been working on patterns for the January Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I have always found this one of the more difficult issues to put together.  I think it’s because in “real time” I am immersed in Christmas preparations, whilst by the time the magazine is published then Christmas will be over and the New Year nearly upon us.

I brought another January project downstairs today to photograph and was surprised to realise how much my colour choices had been influenced by my Christmas decorations, though the design itself isn’t Christmassy at all …

dogsxmas 001sq

I thought I was looking forward to signs of spring and Valentine’s Day!  I used a scrap of Tilda fabric for the teacup and just a few pinks, blues and greens for the embroidery.  The pattern will be in the January issue along with the Naughty Pup Trophy Heads.

But back to Christmas – if you are still stuck for gift ideas, don’t forget we’re still offering our Magazine Gift Subscriptions.  These come with a French Hen kit and cute gift card to present to the lucky recipient – with all the details they need to register their gift and begin receiving their magazines (really easy to do!)

Gift subscription

I have been checking the Royal Mail last posting dates, and if you’re outside the UK and would like to purchase a subscription for a Christmas gift, then we’ll need to post your kit early next week to be sure it reaches you in time.  If you’d like to learn more then please just click here to visit our Annual Subscription page (gift kits are at the bottom).



Hello Helen,

Like Julie, I was wondering “where’s the photo of Miss Daisy and the snow? Surely Helen ran to get her camera BEFORE clearing up!” I have to admit, though, that if our two ‘girls’ did that I would probably do the same as you, Helen. It does make me smile to think of it, I’m afraid! Where would we be without our dogs.



I know … you are right – but I think I will be finding fake snow in the corners of the conservatory for quite some time to come! Luckily, like you, I love my dogs very much! xx


Oh my! Daisy! I’m very glad she’s enjoying holiday decorating by ‘snowing’ your house as it’s certainly an indication of how well she’s feeling, but I can sympathize after coming home one day to shredded tissue paper! Horrors!!!!!
XX Linda


Haha! Yes that is true Linda, but sometimes I do wish she’d find better ways of expressing her happiness!! Floss tasting is her latest hobby. Today it was a skein of a particularly nice bluey purple I had set aside for a new project … little monkey!


I love your windows. Where did you find the blinds or whatever that just cover the bottom half of the windows? I love that. I would like to do that on some of my windows, too.
Thank you so much for your posts, and patterns and all that your u do.
Merry CHRISTmas!


Thanks Deborah – the window treatment’s actually very simple. At the top you can see there are Roman blinds (Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric). Then covering the bottom is just a simple hemmed rectangle of white cotton muslin with some touch n close velcro tape along the top edge. The other half of the self adhesive tape is stuck to the window frame and as the fabric’s so light it simply hangs from the tape. Easy peasy!! xx


Oh that face, how can you tell them off we were just having fun Mum. The snow was just waiting to happen and should not be in a bag but on the floor to play in.

Lovely post and agree dog tails particularly large dogs, with tree ornaments do not mix. Spend most of christmas picking up and putting back things that have been sent flying.


Thanks Caroline – I will think of you when I’m next collecting icicles, pompoms and various other assorted ornaments from around the living room where Ben’s tail has whisked them!! xx


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