Recycling ….!

One of the things I most love about fabric is that it’s so versatile, and can be re-used over and over in so many ways.  I have been researching American quilting for a series of short articles in my the Bustle & Sew Magazine (August – October issues) and was amazed and humbled at how those pioneer women incorporated even the tiniest pieces – that had often been recycled two or three times previously – into their quilting projects.  And this week I’ve been doing my own little bit of recycling.

As you may remember, I’ve been making Rosie some dresses to take on her honeymoon next week.  She purchased two new lengths of fabric, but funds were tight and she couldn’t manage another length although she would have loved a third dress.  So I had a little rummage in my cupboard and came up with the fabric we used for her wedding cake table ….


Seen here complete with yummy cakes and pin cushion mice standing guard (photograph courtesy of Emma Case Photography)  It’s a very pretty white cotton printed with tiny pink flower sprigs.  And I thought – that will make a lovely summery dress …..


And it has!  Seen here just waiting to have the hem taken up.  Lightweight, fresh and pretty – and (nearly) free –  RESULT!


Thanks Julie. Rosie likes it too, and doesn’t at all mind wearing a dress made from a tablecloth on her honeymoon!


Beautiful fabric, ditsy roses are my favourite fabrics, the table looked gorgeous. I too believe in recycling fabrics and as much else as I can. We had a friend who’s Mum made her a beautiful skirt and waistcoat from a pair of curtains and do you know she got a lot of compliments on her outfit and not one knew they were recycled curtains. Lucky Rosie is going to look very pretty.

Peg x


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