Looking beyond Christmas ….

I love this time of year!  As well as Christmas, I’ve just celebrated my birthday, and very much enjoyed an outing to the cinema to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.  Rosie grew up with Harry Potter, and for many years my birthday treat was a trip to see the latest release, so this year it was great to revisit JK Rowling’s amazing world of wizarding, especially with the promise of more films to come!  Upon returning home I found my own fantastic beast had colonised the sofa ….


Where she very well knows she is not supposed to be!  Bath is looking festive too – heaps of mistletoe at the flower stall in Milsom Street


So many Christmas kisses! And I have a new young man to kiss under the mistletoe this year – little Freddie of course!  Wreaths on many of the front doors too …

1bb7e4b9-752a-46ee-a317-78716184d462And my favourite – heaps of Stilton at the cheese shop.  I love Stilton – much to Rosie’s disgust when she opens the fridge door and finds the cheese compartment full of “that horrid smelly stuff!”


But this is always a strange time of year for me.  While I’m getting super-excited about Christmas, I’m also busy with the January issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine, which has no mention of Christmas at all.  I think I’ve already shown you the first pattern as well as my Little Bear hand embroidery tutorial, and here are four more of the January projects.  I have just one more to complete …. picmonkey-collage

And I hope you like them.  As well as putting together the January Magazine Rosie and I have been busy dusting down the digital shelves in the Bustle & Sew store as after Christmas we’ll be holding our annual Bumper Back Issue Sale – watch out for more details later this week!



I really enjoyed this post and all your lovely pix. Belated Happy Birthday to you and Merry Christmas to you and your family (and that includes Ben and Daisy).

Julie Caisey

Afraid I’m with Rosie, Stilton is horrible and smelly! Aww……..Daisy looks so innocent, does she teach Ben naughty things? Happy Birthday

Julie xxxxxxx


Hmmm, they’re as bad as each other Julie! Thanks for the birthday wishes and a merry Christmas to you and yours xx

Valerie Vivas

Happy Birthday, Helen! Wishing you a blessed year! XO ???☕️????☃??????Merry Christmas too!


Hi Helen,

Sorry, but I would have to forgive Miss.Daisy anything; she’s just adorable!

On the question of Stilton cheese I’m definitely 100% with Rosie – it IS very smelly!

I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and New Year at Bustle and Sew.

Diana. xx


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