Announcing the winner, and feeling topsy-turvey!

Little Blue Bunny

Thank you everyone for your patience – I have now worked the random number generator ….. and the winner is comment number 65:


Which means – if I have counted correctly – and I do hope that I have – the winner is Michelle.  Well done Michelle – I have emailed you.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and in particular those who gave me some ideas for new softies, I shall definitely be attempting to create at least some of them over the coming months.   

Fabric Deer Head

 Though I have to say that at present I am feeling a little topsy turvey here at Coombe Leigh.  This is because I have been thinking about Christmas – in particular “Christmas in July” – which is always a big event in the crafting blogosphere.  

Fabric Deer Head

This year I’m collecting together nearly all my Christmas patterns from the last three years into a single book.  I’m tweaking the older ones to bring them right up-to-date, as well as including one or two new designs.  I will of course include my Fabric Deer Head (he has turned out to be one of my most popular patterns ever!) and there will also be some  illustrations from Jacqui, including the one above.  Here’s a sneak preview of the cover for you……  

Christmas Collection

It’s no wonder then, that I’m feeling topsy-turvey with all this thinking about Christmas when there’s blossom on the apple trees and bluebells in the woods.  But Christmas in July isn’t that far away, just six weeks or so, which isn’t long when you’re trying to combine more than 20 patterns into a new book.  

Windy Day

Never mind .. Ben and Daisy will make sure that I take plenty of time out for trips to the beach and walks along the shore ….. all we need now is some more warm sunshine!  


Christmas in July…………….you are probably right! In some weather forecasts I hear of snow!
Is the bottom picture at Slapton?
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


Congratulations to Michelle! Oh how I was hoping you had a typo and had accidentally put two l’s and that I was number 65! LOL. Can’t wait to see your new softies come to life and the Christmas in July Book, the cover is adorable.


Congratulations, Michelle!
Love the photo of Ben and Daisy…and of your Christmas Book. Thoughts of Christmas begin with July in my sewing room if there are going to be any ‘handmades’ for the holiday! Looking forward with anticipation!
X Linda


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