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This morning, we went to the beach at Strete Gate for our early walk and I was struck by how quickly the year is progressing.  It seems only a little while ago, rather than two or three months, that the beach was in full bloom ….

Strete Gate (2)

 Today the early summer flowers had all gone…

Strete Gate August 2013

Leaving behind a tangle of seedheads ….

Strete Gate August 2013

 Perfect for becoming stuck to furry coats!  This means lots of brushing when we return home from walks at this time of the year as grass seeds in particular if left in the coat can work their way into the skin and cause painful problems.

Now is the time for collecting seeds for next year, and my friend Jacqui who’s a keen gardener, as well as talented illustrator (Flapdoodledesigns) has created a lovely little collection of printable seed packets – perfect for keeping seeds safely – and great if you’re planning to share your harvest as gifts or swops ….

And she’s very kindly sharing one of these designs with Bustle & Sew readers – absolutely free!  Just CLICK HERE to download your free Cornishware mug seed packet printable (with full instructions for assembly).   If you’d like the full set, then they’re available to purchase from Jacqui’s Etsy Shop.  

 And finally …  Rosie snapped this picture of me assembling the homemade sausage rolls for my party.  

Me and my helper!

 I had no idea she was taking it!  But I simply had to share – don’t you just love the way my “helper” is licking her lips in hopeful anticipation?! 


Where is Ben……..? I haven’t seen him for ages!
Love the last photo!
We have that pink flower that grows a lot on the sandy stoney areas around beaches growing in a pile of stones we have.
Julie xxxxxx


Hi Julie – the pink flower is Valerian, and Ben is currently asleep under the table – though he can be seen awake in the top two photos in this post!


You are so lucky to have valerian blooming where you live. My MIL takes the valerian root pills when she needs a good night’s sleep. The pink blooms are beautiful. And I love you fur babies. Ours is just a little squirt compared to yours. Ours is also black. She is a 17 pound Chihuahua. She is overweight and on a diet. LOL that is if I can get the MIL and husband to quit feeding het bits of their food!


Those darned grass seeds! I have to carefully comb over my Aussie shepherd every day as he comes in covered in seeds and burrs. Well worth doing though as he is a faithful companion and has the softest hair. 🙂


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