Keeping busy on Sunday …..

Apart from sewing – Sidney is all ready for his photoshoot – but has been held up by today’s rainy weather – I had a very busy Sunday.  In the morning Daisy and I headed off to the car boot sale in Kingsbridge.  It seemed like a good chance for her to practise her social skills, that is to say waiting quietly to be petted, rather than launching her (now rather large and heavy) body at unsuspecting passers-by in an attempt to cover them in soggy kisses and dog hair.  She did very well indeed, and I was able to take my time browsing along all the tables to see what was on offer.  I was very pleased with my purchases ….

Car Boot Sale Success

 a lovely selection of brand new flosses – all at just 10p a skein.  Bargain!  And some vintage muffin tins with separate bases just needing a good scrub and polish to bring them back into use.  All in all a very successful morning.  And Ben was happy too – he hates shopping and very much enjoyed his peaceful time home alone with a bone – and no annoying little sister to steal it from him!  

I also managed to finish my decorating project – painting my staircase.  It’s something I’ve had planned for a long time – the stair carpet had become so grubby with the passage of feet and (illicit) paws.  The final straw came when, just a week after it had been cleaned, Daisy charged happily in from the garden and straight up the stairs (totally forbidden, but she didn’t care) carrying the latest treasure she’d retrieved from its hiding place in the garden.  Mud everywhere! So up came the carpet.  Then sanding, hole-filling, primer, undercoat, topcoat and finally ….

Coombe Leigh Stairs

 lovely Jane Churchill hare wallpaper on the risers.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and think it will be much easier to keep looking nice – just wipe away any muddy pawprints!  The afternoon saw me busy in the kitchen…..

Homemade Lemon Curd

 Making not lemonade with those lovely fat lemons, but lemon curd from my Auntie Joyce’s (a stalwart of the W.I.) recipe.  And the result was some well-filled jars of sunshiney-deliciousness….

Homemade Lemon Curd

 one of which has already been incorporated into another of my Auntie’s recipes – this time for lemon ice cream – a great favourite here at Coombe Leigh.  Both recipes will be in the August issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine as part of my Recipe Corner feature.  

And finally … I had some egg whites to use up, so I made meringues.  After behaving so nicely earlier, Daisy reverted to her usual naughty self, stealing one from the rack whilst they were cooling.  But she got her comeuppance – it was so funny!  The meringues were quite sticky on the bottom and instead of disappearing quickly into her mouth, a large piece stuck firmly to her whiskers!  It took her the best part of 10 minutes to retrieve it from the side of her face with her long pink tongue!  Serves you right Daisy!!



Daisy looks so sweet. She is gorgeous, and so is Ben he is gorgeous too. I make a lot of Lemon curd too, we love it in our house. Lucky you with the embroidery threads. I just love those stairs.
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Love your stairs and lemon curd ice cream sounds absolutely delicious! 🙂 x


Your stairs look wonderful, such a clever idea. And lemon curd too! Yummy. Is there a secret to teaching a dog not to jump up? Ruby’s still way too enthusiastic when she meets people.


Your stairs look beautiful, very fresh and light, and yes they will be easier to keep clean too.

What a silly puppy! Daisy and Ben are cute as the dickens. 🙂


Love your stairs! Very clever indeed! I found out a ‘car boot sale’ is the equivalent of a ‘flea market’, ‘yard sale’ or ‘garage sale’ here in the US! Love it! And love the innocent look on Daisy’s face as if to say, ‘Who me?’ So cute!


I will be waiting for the next issue for the Lemon Curd Yeah!! Now I will be able to make my own!!! Thank you Helen!!


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